The nerfing of hunters specifically Noctua and the over all seasonal Divine dragon quality



I can only speak for noctua on my part! He has a delayed attack speed! I use him very often and noticed this change as soon as all this updating happened


His normal attack fireball is slower? If this is a balance action, all hunter fireballs should fire slower… maybe we should do a video side by side comparison


If i knew that this was gonna happen maybe i would have recorded a past attack comparing a before an after attack on same base


Well the projectile speed is slower. They had low health and limited firepower to begin with so it required a lot of skill to fly them and when used correctly they cold wipe out bases. But just as easily when inexperienced fliers like my previous self flew even garnet tier hunters such as necryx and Borgian they get killed instantly. My hunters had 80 million attack power (both necryx and Borgian) and I was easily taken out by 100million defence base and sometimes even lower with defenders and still am sometimes but some of my fellow hunter fliers can take out 50-60% of a 3-400 million defence base easily cheack out some players show off their skill on YouTube. I slowly learn as well and only then could I fly well. So hunters were never OP it was the player that was OP, I just hope that this was a coding error and not delibrate.


The projectile speed is SIGNIFICANTLY slower. @PGPulse - what’s going on,?


I too have noticed that the hunter’s fireball seems to be slower since the updates, much harder to take down the same bases since these updates. Harder to do a burst fire too with the slower speed.


Just ridiculous…


This is what they are saying … claiming they have no knowledge of changes made to noctua


Lol what was that :see_no_evil:


@pgmichael is this correct? No known changes made to noctua ? And if so was this accidental


@PGJared Can we get an answer on this sometime in between your cheating ticket overview?


Lack of response says it all


Lack of response also says “hey, we have had hours of meetings today, have been swamped with support tickets, and are trying to fix the broken event right now.”


This! Exactly this! Give them some time. Yes this is likely a mistake but remember they are human. Give them a day or two. If they don’t respond after then you can draw your conclusions


I doubt it was on purpose. Lots of things changing over a short period, and overall it’s gone very smoothly. I would be shocked if PG thought such a change would go unnoticed, or was trivial enough to not say anything about it.

Think of it as a challenge in the meantime. You can still send simultaneous shots until ammo is depleted. (High damage in a short time)

Curious have vines been slowed too? They were already pretty slow.


Why do they do stuff like that that without first telling us? They did the same with trying to balance the towers and didn’t say a thing about it & now this? Very sad. Makes me wonder what else they are hiding from us. This is a HUGE thing to nerf noctua and other dragons that so many people depend on to beat the lvl 60towers that you guys just brought out. It’s not something you can do without people noticing so why even do it at all when you know there’s gonna be a swarm of pissed off players that call you out on it. Jeez PG get your hitsay together guys!


It might not be on purpose but I hope this gets fixed real soon because this is a huge drop in attack speed… my consurgens feels like it’s in slow motion and I just got avyx :neutral_face:


I haven’t noticed any difference in noctua. I do have a preupdate video of him so maybe i can do a side by side video now to compare


All hunters are attacking hella slow


The projectile speed is noticibly slower on all hunters that I have flown. It adds a bit of fun strategy. It doesn’t really slow you down a ton, it just removes the flexibility to float through without paying attention. Double or triple tap the first three towers and cloak. Wait a second and kill the back 2 towers. In the case of noctua, same as before, vine and tap the back towers.

It only punishes you id you don’t know how many times you need to tap… (no delay between firing)

Now for War runs (nobody can have any at the moment) this could be a problem as there are times you needed to depend on the speed of the hunter fire to kill a blue mage before cloaking. But the spell speeds seems the same. (Vines travel as slow as they always did)

Needless to say noctua is a little less easy to use, but undefended I can still mow over 400+ bases