The nerfing of hunters specifically Noctua and the over all seasonal Divine dragon quality



I made a side by side. Heres the link

Both attacks are on the same base. Theres no level 60 towers. But you can see the difference.


Mine are working fine? :man_shrugging:

Maybe I’m just not seeing it but I fly necryx exclusively so it would be very apparent to me. I dunno I could be wrong


I felt that the reload time of hunter is also slower apart from fireball speed. Please correct me if i am wrong.


I can see a difference in the attack speed. Some. I don’t really see a difference in the reload time. It might be there but small enough to where my lack of attention to detail doesnt pick it up lol


Heres the full video


Necryx always had slower projectile speed. (Although his projectiles are more hurtful than most)

It’s most noticible on noctua which used to be super fast. Borgian is fairly obvious too. Gargula too. morphos too.


Why would different hunters have different projectile speeds? :thinking:

Edit: OMG you’re right. Borg shoots like a grandpa. It’s almost as slow as a sorcerer!


Why wouldn’t they? Each one has its own speed.

That’s why necryx is able to tear down level 50 farms with full ammo, but if you are out, he can’t because the delay between fire mixed with slow speed spreads the damage over too much time

Slower projectiles for hunters makes them more technical. I think necryx was slowed down to balance him.


So does each shot also do different damage if the dragons are same level? As in everything is the same. No runes, no rider.


Maybe this is some sort of attempt to sell Neptus? :man_shrugging:t2:


@PGPulse @PGJared
Can we have official confirmation,please?
A lot of players,including me,specifically changed breeding paths to take Noctua instead of another Obsidians
We must know about so huge changes!
Because it will cost us thousands of tokens,and it’s absolutely ridiculous
Also,could you give us official explanations,why you even have this idea,that hunters should be changed
We have 3 classes of dragons,and each class have their own specification and priorities
Yes,hunters always were very effective
BUT! Hunters short with ammo and hp
So it’s absolutely inappropriate to change their attack speed,to make them look same,as another 2 dragon classes
If you want to make hunters slower-let them attack without ammo function(remove ammo)
It will be fair
P.S. I also agree with ppl who said,that Mythic dragon must have white spell
Also,earlier,you created exclusive portrait for Mythic dragon
I think,it will be nice to bring it back :hugs:


What the hell is wrong with my hunters. I went in with some serious stats compared to the base and dropped. It’s like the fireballs just won’t come out and no a wasn’t tapping like a maniac :joy::joy: I hope this thread receives some attention and answers from PG staff. I’m officially embarrassed :disappointed: :weary:


Come on PG please help us here this is the most critical part of the game “Dragons” plz fix it. Most of the upper tier players depend on hunters so that should be the first priority. And making thunderstorm red also destroyed many gold players who went for sekeronos all it has now are red spells which was very disappointing. Plz either change it to white like sage or give it a good blue spell same with renard :sob::sob::sob:. What are we supposed to do as players? And you are not listing to us, instead you are busy going after players who cheated based on the loophole that was created by you, and leaving the honest players hanging. This could be the last straw for many people in this game.


There were no nerfs on Hunters done. I think Hunters are great because they require skill and thoughtful planned attacks. If we think something needs to be nerfed, we would ask the community first and give time to answer while we also search for answer. I respect the community for helping our team to find great solutions together on very complex problems that we have.

I will look into this bug that you are mentioning: Slower attack speed for projectiles for Hunters including Borgian. Please help us pinpoint and find what the problem is and we will make sure that your they are fixed to your satisfaction :slight_smile:


The projectile speed from when you tap is significantly slower to go from dragon to its target, and I think it is most prominently seen on Noctua as Noctua used to be very fast projectile speed.

Please let us know what we can do to help you guys. Reproducibility is 100%. I personally don’t have any before recordings.

Damage and rate of fire seems to be unchanged. Only the speed at which projectiles move seems
To have been impacted. (In exactly the same way the sorcerer was sped up, the Hunter appears to have slown down)

It is less obvious on dragons who already had slower projectiles like necryx


Necura, a dragon I do not use often, also had the same issue.


Maybe that is helpful to compare shots before and now


Umm, PG actually has a history of significantly changing, weakening, and in some cases completely negating tools and resources within the game without so much as an announcement, let alone discussion.

Reverse Projectiles vs. Invert
Explosive Shield vs. Lethal Barrier
Not-so-great Valors


My friend sent it to me
It shows the difference in distance between fireballs
Same base same typing
Idk if it’s useful,but a lot of ppl saying,that they can feel difference,when they flying Noctua


I am literally having 0 problems with my hunters… update was a success, thank you PG!

New divine runes stacking