The nerfing of hunters specifically Noctua and the over all seasonal Divine dragon quality



How did your “friend” know to test before the update was released? Lol also, doesnt look like same base which im not even sure what that has to do with confirming that the attack rate was decreased, i am completely lost at how those screenshots prove anything at all tbh.

EDIT* i apologize if i come off rude, i think im actually getting defensive over this thread because i see no problem at all, in any way…im skeptical if there was indeed any alteration for hunters at all but if there was in fact a slight decrease in their attack rate i am confident it would be an attempt to cut down on the people who abuse the vine glitch. *which ironically id be willing to bet a player or two that abuse this glitch have left a comment on the recent ban wave thread, celebrating and condeming cheaters to maximum penalty :slight_smile:


Short version is the time it takes the projectile to reach its target is increased making it so that less shots can reach the target per unit time,thereby reducing overall attack speed. Hope that helps PG.


Ice turrets slows the attack speed of hunters (not saying this is the only reason, but not really apples and apples)


Also ditto on sekronosos please keep us gold level payers in mind as well. Now it only has red spells making it useless please change a spell to blue and make it fair plz cuz it has thunderbolt an amazing spell on sorcerer going red. Suggest invincibility shield instead of summon warrior plz.


Ice turrets were there before as well so why only effecting now? Also it should be fast on bases with no ice turrets but it’s not Borgian is not as fast.


My borgarian is just as fast as he was before the update, he might even be faster :slight_smile:


Im glad im not the only one that doesnt see a difference lol


Its gotta be some sort of mindphuck from the increase in attack rate(projectile travel speed) given to sorcerers…like an illusion that hunters are now slower lol


I posted a video of noctua before and after the update for people to see. Literally the same base and dragon level. Its side by side to compare. Dont see a difference


Hi all,

As @PGPulse mentioned, there are no known changes done to Hunters recently that would be affecting their attack speed. This is even trickier due to the fact that not all players in this thread have reported the same thing, and some are not experiencing this change at all. It could be anything from a network hiccup to in-game values accidentally altering without our immediate knowledge. Our team is investigating this issue right now so we can get to the bottom of this, as it is NOT intended!

If you have any comparison videos that you’ve created, please send them our way! The more information we can gather on this issue, the better.

Thank you for bringing this to the team! We hope to resolve this as soon as possible.


Yeah i based my observation simply on invader runs…exactly the same range of outcomes, nothing different even slightly.


@PGCrisis scroll up. I posted one of noctua earlier


I got yours, Rogue, thank you!


I’m wondering if someone who doesn’t notice a difference and has noctua can post a recording of current noctua. (Rule out if only some people are impacted)

I say noctua because he had one of the fastest hunter projectiles and now seems the most noticible to me. I can’t be sure if there was any change on borgian or necryx. I know necryx was always slower and it seems the same to me. Borgian I haven’t really used much since necryx came out

It is entirely possible that it’s all visual and not actually different at all. It seems very similar (but opposite) to the sorcerer change (which doesn’t exactly seem to add up with what PG said would happen)

I’m pretty sure I’m not imaging the visual difference but I’m also not seeing a combat impact.


Another question is, Are the people “affected” on ios or android? That has been a source of past issues. For the record, im on android


I hate to sound so arrogant but the changes implemented are exactly how i thought they would be and i love them. Thats all ima say cause im even gettin tired of myself at this point. Happy hunting :slight_smile:


I am on android also…but @Coach agrees that there is no difference with hunters if thats what his likes meant amd he is on ios( if i rememeber correctly, which is good chance i dont lol)


I haven’t noticed a change on Borgian. As that is only hunter I fly right now next to rarely used Hauheset I cannot comment on other dragons.


I am on iOS - I have noticed on Sekhem and Avyx (only hunters I currently use).


I’m on iOS and I see both gargula and noctua as signifciantly slower projectile speeds.