The nerfing of hunters specifically Noctua and the over all seasonal Divine dragon quality



So weird that some are dramatically effected to have a slower rate of projectile speed without indication of other known sources for this problem to occur, like extreme lag and especially when a defender joins…if someone who is effected negatively on hunter attack rate i would be interested in seeing a clip of how the hunter performs currently. If not too much trouble of course :slight_smile:


If I get some time I’ll record what I see. I actually don’t dislike it, but it definitely changed. It used to look like the video posted of noctua.

I’m half way wondering if it’s like bleedover from the sorcerer or Hunter change and if it clears by restart without flying one of them (which I did for multipliers)

Honestly it almost seems like a good balance compromise. Bursting damage maybe should be lagged slightly.


If that’s what a nerfed Noc is about I’m kinda ok with it I guess :man_shrugging:t2:


Nicely done, and to all id like to add that could of been a war run^ its kinda like my dream now to lead 1 war…nobody ever let me before and i hate it cause no team has ever done or let me do my ideas in sequence of how i want with improvised calls…anyway ill cry over it later, pvp time :smiling_imp:


It was perhaps a glitch that affected not all but enough that deserves a look an a fix. And the comment that perhaps the new sorcerers attack speed messed with out minds i dont use sorcerers and use noc 99% of the time an theres a difference! Whatevs pg wont fix or cant find an issue ill keep my money in my pocket and have all others i know in game to do same.


Im sure they can feel a great disturbance in the force from huge blow they just took from you not spending. You got em by the balls…


Do PG employees even play their own games?
The delay between hunter normal shots are obvious, and not just to a particular hunter.

The slowing effect is persistent after the patch, so this is not a glitch in my view. Somebody had to purposefully make the change.

This reminds me of how thunderstorm was nerfed for the first time. It was supposedly d affect only forged thunderstorm, but someone nerfed all of them, both forged and dragon spell.


Please post clip of the new effects and how your hunters attack currently delivers slower…what i could only imagine is as slow as sorcerer shots were before.


See thats the thing about hunters though, they fire as fast as you can tap lol


Well…you see them fly once in a while in their twitch clips. Just watch them fly and make up,your own mind


The speed is from tap to fire. The actual time between fireballs is the same, it’s the time between tap and fire that’s slow.


Then they wont be able to see it from a video. Theyll have to actually play the game to figure it out


Off topic…I know they made Sorc faster to help them…

But anyone notice like with Apophet one battle he will be fast where you can really notice the change and then all the sudden it’s like it goes back to regular?

I’ve tried with other dragons that are not divines like Chompa and his seem to always stay fast…


True, i wasnt thinking when i replied with my statement that hunters are as fast as the user. Still too lazy to fix but i admit was dumb. I just wish i could see a video of this dramatic decrease in ammo velocity. At least more people now realize how the velocity of a projectile can make a difference. It can kill a tower before its supershot lands, allowing the spell it was blocking to be used before it lands…it even allows a dragon to kill furthest towers in range before they fire at all.


I wonder if its patchy? My noctua flying beautifully, nothings changed my side as far as i can tell.


You may be right. When I first started experiencing it, it seemed very obvious. Now that I’ve tried to measure it I can only barely show a difference. But it also doesn’t feel as bad as it was.

I’m pretty confident it wasn’t just some kind of mental adjustment after flying faster sorcerers, but my inability to prove more than a slight difference seems to be more likely to be lag or something.

That being said I still don’t understand how a projectile speed of sorcerer is only visual and not DPS, then why are towers going down faster. (And why was it called out as part of balance changes).

To me there is a lot of back end voodoo. I would love to see a full set of dragon stats and a description of what they all did, but the important thing for me is that combat is not impacted by whatever may have changed.


I haven’t noticed any difference when I’ve flown Necryx or Gargula since Thursday (I’m out Tuesdays and Wednesdays).


Sounds like more of an issue with lag on their servers from the pvp event going live than from the update itself…


I frequently use hunters, in fact other than Spindra they’re the only thing I’ve used. Not only are the projectiles slower as mentioned above but it seems that particularly Avyx and Aster, their Fireball attacks seem to run out a lot quicker than previously. Avyx was originally a very strong dragon however after using a few fireballs it completely runs out of steam, it doesn’t matter if you have extended Talon frenzy, you now need to waste time in cloak whilst building up the firepower as it can’t take down more than like 4 buildings before not being able to shoot anymore! The change is very noticeable!!!


Mine still has 10 shots like before… Just tested him