The new Atlas mod are very bad

the new atlas modifications are disgusting. we are bubbled immediately, because they arrive at the guards even before destroying the 80k troops foreseen by the shield. if before the shield was activated after the destruction of 80k now they come to the guards after destroying only 40 / 50k of troops … we threw 5M of team glory in 1 week to recruit guards again and again. this is depressing, demotivating and unfair. so it makes me want to quit the game.

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Didn’t you already make a thread about this?


he did but he dont understand to add more troops and quit leaving so low lol

yup like 3 days ago…

I guess he is relentless… :eyes:

The shield’s purpose is to protect your castle from being conquered before you can react. It’s not there to protect guards. Quite the opposite, guards are there to ensure you have some cheap disposable troops on any castle that can trigger the shield for you.


We did it… but is impossible to have a lot of troops… if, with the new mod we need to put more troops on primarcs, should be great to lowing the cost for hire them…

Closing this down - kindly refrain from opening duplicate threads, thank you.