The new beta experience


As I first entered beta. I was thankful I was home and on wifi. I should have expected a massive download of new information. That’s on me.

Next came the tutorial. I believe it was overly wordy far to early in when explaining how most things worked. I don’t remember most of it honestly. I wish I could at least go back and look at the transcript. There was good information but it was condensed into a few texts boxes.

Ok so the game just taught me how to build troops alright cool. Wait you are telling me to speed them up? With whose speed ups?:sweat_smile: Did I just use my own timers? Normally games throw you some freebies to get you through the tutorial. So I got stingy and used 1 minute timers to get the build to under a minute thinking I could complete for free like most things in the game. Nope. The complete for free button appears after the build is finished. :sob:

Next was the enemy prime arch mission. This was the most confusing part. You can not attack this enemy with out zooming in. So for 3 or so minutes I was being told to follow the directions because I just started tapping on everything in hopes something would happen. Finally I zoomed in and could touch a tiny piece of the enemy to start the battle.

Attacks seem super laggy. So much slower than normal game play. I feel like a sitting duck. Maybe it’s a good thing. I am not sue how I feel about it. But it is noticeable.

Lastly now, I have no idea what to do. I mined some gold attacked some poachers. Can’t remember what it takes to level my primearch. Perhaps reminders popping up or missions would be a good addition. A sort of continuing education like thing.

All and all seems like it could be fun. I know it won’t be in Monday though :sob:


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