The new exotic glyph isn’t as good as you might think

Some people know this but others might not, so I’m sharing this here with you. If you have any question please ask it.


Misleading. You can do the same with gear/rider/runes and ‘show’ that the increase in HP is less than advertised. Lets say you only have the 8% added HP from research and you add the 23%+ HP from Crom. Following your logic Crom only would add (100*231/208)-100=11% HP increase.

You need to use the real numbers from the game to see the true percentage a rune/gear/rider adds to a tower.




Basically it’s a matter of averaging all the boosts and not simply adding them all together. If I’m wrong then it’s because I hate math

Yeah F math but this glyph shouldn’t function differently than any other exotic glyph. Not sure why a propaganda video needed to be produced. :joy:


If I remember correctly, all runes/gear/riders/research/boosts add their boost based on BASE stats. So if you add a rune that is 10% hp and you had a 8% hp, you will see a 2% BASE difference not from the number you see after boosts.

I believe the actual math is BASE stat + (BASE stat * SUM( add on boosts like consumables, rider, gear, research, etc)).

Otherwise it is true that it misleading in a way because they don’t explicitly say it is +10% base instead of 10% total.


This is also a good point lol, why create a video now after multiple others have already been released but it does help give realization to those that may not know

The guy I cheat off of for math tests is replying. :sunglasses:


It’s not wrong, but a bit weird to single out this glyph for this story.

All boosts go off of base xp. That’s true for riders, for research, for gear, and for runes, and has been for ages.

So yes, anyone expecting 10% more total hp will be disappointed, but that’s hardly specific to this glyph.

edit: to put it in another way, on you can see that a level 110 DF has 169 307 982 base HP. That means the glyph will always add 16.9m HP to a level 110 DF, no matter the actual amount of boosts already present from other sources. In that sense it’s actually pretty fair, everyone gets exactly that amount of extra HP on their 110s.


I’d pay 10k sigils for the overall effect lol

I honestly need the dust more than the glyphs


@Killmegently I won’t spend 10k sigils just to dust it lol but I know what you mean

I think he meant the 10 mil dust in the line.


That’s makes better sense

20m :eyes:


The glyphs is the extra stuff lol

Edited: Removed this part because I’ve been schooled…

I’m wondering if there is an issue with boosts though. I was hoping to figure out how much HP I would have if I get the HP glyph and I found some weirdness.

I have a level 100 Dark Flak tower. The HP shown for the tower in-game is 262M. The base HP for this tower is 103,323,756.

The table below shows what I see in-game and boosts applied depending on where I have the tower. I moved the tower to an unboosted island (no rider, no consumable), then added a 30% HP boost and the numbers didn’t change.

Boost Base HP In-Game Correct Notes
183% 103,323,756 262,000,000 292,406,229.48 3% (Glyph) + 123% (Crom) + 52% (30% Tower HP + 22% Base Boost) + 5% (Research) = 183%
27% 103,323,756 116,000,000 131,221,170.12 22% (Base Boost) + 5% Research = 27%
57% 103,323,756 116,000,000 162,218,296.92 52% (30% Tower HP + 22% Base Boost) + 5% (Research) = 57%

Am I doing something wrong? I mean, math and I don’t get along all that well but it still seems that adding a 30% boost should increase the HP. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I even tried the change your avatar trick and force closed and reopened the game.

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Math is just a fancy word for witchcraft. First it’s the square root of X and then suddenly it’s eye of newt. Someone get the firewood



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