The New Legendary Sorcerer

I don’t know if anyone else came through this but when I fly the leg. Sorcerer…and use Cleansing water… sometimes the dragon gets stuck and not able to attack for some time. If this a issue , I request PG to look through it and fix it.
Also it’s not able to use spells on when stuck too

F3ARG0D :handshake:

A video of it happening would be helpful if you have one you could upload to Youtube and post the link here. Visuals are always helpful.
I havent flown it yet myself


IDK what number of recordings it would take…it doesn’t happen much but yeah when it happens it at least goes for around 20-30 seconds…It happens few of the times that’s why I used SOMETIMES :sweat_smile::slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s something I found that might help explain this.

I can actually pre-cast more than 1 awash spell, which is weird. When I do, they stack. So if so target 1 awash, then swipe attack is still disabled until I target all of the stack. (You can tell, bc the spell icon remains grey after the first cast).

Maybe that is what is happening?

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I think I have experienced this only once. Otherwise, couldn’t fault the legendary dragon.

I think this is incorrect. What I’ve seen is that sometimes when you fire awash it doesnt use it up, even when you’re hitting towers. Like sand if you fire it at non towers (monuments, boats, ect) it never uses up the spell. But it sometimes happens with Awash on towers too. Which means you’re still holding the spell and can fire it again. If you dont notice this then it appears that you arent attacking because you’re still holding the spell. Basically sometimes it gives you a free double use of the spell and you have to notice when it happens

@ZeroDucksGvn is correct. As a spell that is part of the sand spell family if it does not actually hit a tower then its as if you didnt use the spell. You must hit a tower with awash in order for it to actually register as using the spell. I have personally never seen it be an actual double use where i sand one tower and then sand another without waiting for the cd. I have had double shots where i didnt hit a tower and had to click again on a tower to actually use the spell. You should also notice your swipe attack isnt working while you are holding the spell so if you thought you sanded a tower but still cant swipe attack then you missed the tower and need to actually hit a tower with the sand a second time to use it.

I havent tried it in a long time but you used to be able to do something similar with Noctua’s vines spell where you could fire it on the turn and it would “land”, locking down the towers but not deal damage and you’d still be holding onto the spell, ready for a 2nd use.

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Youre right. I remember doing that with necryx. Been so long i forgot about the trick on the turns. Sanding is so irrelevant now with the speed meta ive forgotten all the old setup tricks.

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Yeah, I dont understand why they’re trying to bring it back before actually addressing the speed is king meta. This is like Noctarn again with the warrior. Why does a mythic, and especially a mythic warrior, have a sand spell? Who on the dragon design team is still living in 2018?

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Sand on a sorcerer does the new sorcere have a kill shot ?

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Not a kill shot. just Area Damage

You still can, my Noctua does it too.

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I had Dreth a long time ago sounds similar spell mechanics and except Dreth s aoe. Did massive damage and had almost kill high damage spell sure we can’t just buff the dp or somethin