The new me, it is what it is 🐌


In response to this post …

Yes Mech, you are absolutely correct. I’ve become unhinged. Not many players except my team members know.

This game is my release and escape but lately, I see ya’ll bickering and pissed off and the people I’ve come to like have quit playing. It freaking fracking frustrating.

It hurts cause I’m about the connections. When a player I like quits, it impacts me more than most.

So if you like who I used to be, I don’t think you’ll see that person again. Not until something changes.


I feel the same way Sam. With the current state of the game and the forum bans of people I respect I don’t want to play nice anymore. You can only kill people with kindness for so long.


True. To be honest, I’m already dropping the tiny shred of kindness that I’ve held onto for so long and go complete pessimist


@discobot fortune should we spam Sam’s thread too?


:crystal_ball: It is decidedly so


No spamming threads.


But discobot said yes. :sweat:


Ok. :cry:


:hugs: a big hug for you Sam.


I’m between quitting or flipping the b*tch switch and being the biggest PIA I can be.


If you need any pro tips, let me know.


The level of frustration is so high at this point that the “delight” from the tired status quo of a new season release, while ignoring long-lived issues, won’t do anything for the more aware people. Can’t really blame people anymore. It’s funny what happens when it clicks for people.


Funny? Really? For me it was just disappointment. All there is left is optimism for December 5th, but that is a pretty small candle


Think more ironic humor or something else vs funny haha :stuck_out_tongue:


As long as it’s irony and not sarcasm. That’s highly frowned upon around here.

So is telling people Happy Thanksgiving apparently.

Also suggesting someone be held accountable for their actions is verboten.

I like the snail emoji in the title of the post. (Just want to make sure I’m on topic)

I also like the game connections made. It’s way better than the game itself for sure.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Can you get flagged for off topic in off topic section?






Did that happen to you? lol. I’ve seen it happen, but it hasn’t happened to me personally :rofl:


Not yet!:grin: