The new player experience, and the current state of Gold League



I think they aren’t referring to teams that are new and trying to move up. They are talking about the high level players that just stay in a gold team without trying to move up. But as another poster said, some of those players simply can’t meet the activity requirements of higher leagues and Gold is a much more relaxing play experience. I don’t know what the solution is.


So basically hes just upset with the high level teams with no intentions of moving up. I can tell you why most of them are sticking in gold. They dont want atlas. Atlas is only supposed to go down to platinum so in order to avoid it, they stay in gold


That does not sound like a step toward a better balance at all. :confounded:


Or coming down to score high in pvp events. He’s not referring to teams moving up, though, they have no choice but to start in bronze.


There are safe zones in Atlas for just this reason. Newer players do not have a safe zone to hide from these sandbaggers in Gold.


This is literally what I proposed with my League Restructure.


Avoiding atlas is not a good reason to sandbag in lower league. I’ve seen and fought some lv300+ in platinum league with my friend’s team. It’s insane to see huge numbers of high levels are down in lower league. It just makes the game more discouraging for new players


Has that been brought over here to these forums?


I know they could just not play the atlas part. But out of curiosity, some players would try it. Some would like it and want the team to actually participate. When the rest of the team doesnt, the ones that did will leave. Soon the team implodes from it. So to avoid that, they stay in gold


They can still not participate in atlas and stay in safezone permanently (and occasionally we will see them go to forum and complain how big teams can wipe them out bla bla bla).
Imo, it’s just a lame excuse for those who wants to max out personal achievement without much competition


It’s like stealing candy from a toddler


But actually, stealing candy from a toddler is harder than you think, they have a firm grip (depends on the candy kind I guess) and when they cry their lungs out for their mom you better run veeeery fast, because an outraged young mother is extremely dangerous…


You do have some good ideas going here. Although as noted they would definitely need some tuning. However, the first step to any solution is to identify the problem, and you seem to have done a fairly thorough job. Lineage dragons are underpowered for a very long time, and new teams in low leagues have a rough time against sandbaggers.

I am not sure, but the seasonal divines may in part have been an attempt to make up for the new OP bases that get dark flaks at level 45. It would be hard to change low tier dragons at this point, because every time PG adjusts an existing dragon there is an uproar. Players instantly start demanding refunds for various reasons, other players complain about the changes being too much, others complain it was not enough, and so on.

So, in the end, thank you for posting and raising awareness on this issue. It can be easy to forget the problems one faced at lower levels once they are past.

Welcome to the forums!


Agree on all the OP points but not sold on the solution :sweat_smile:


I like this post. I like the insight. I got no complaints and that’s unusual for me. But I bet you have dumped unwanted lumber on a teammate before haven’t you?. #STOPILLEGALWOODDUMPING

In all seriousness good job


I agree so much with this. My team is currently in gold 2 and we see SOOO many different teams full of Lv 200+ players and every event they take top because most of the appropriate level players cant do much to them during PvP events. At best we can attack some of their alt accounts on the team for low points. Maybe it wouldnt work but it kind of seems like if you’re a Lv 200+ leader forming a new team then your team should stay in bronze and not be a war-able team until it decides to move onto platinum. No going into silver and no going into gold. Jump straight from Bronze to platinum. Same for if a team in bronze has more than 2 Lv 200+ players. Make it so they cant participate in bronze league wars and they can at any time choose to go to platinum and if they dont make it then back to non-war-able Bronze for another week. Im sure that idea is full of holes but the point is that gold league is full of big fish who purposefully stay in the small pond. It was always my understanding that gold league is supposed to be like the training grounds where you learn and get yourself and your team appropriately leveled for platinum and beyond

Prime example is the current top team in my league’s feeding event. They’re ranked 7th in our league with 100/100 team activity, 50/50 members; 20 of which are above Lv 120 and another 11 are Lv 80-119. No offense to them them but they dont belong in gold 2 yet come this time next week they’ll probably still be in a gold 2 league and again be at the top in the event because their levels alone make them almost unbeatable in pvp, fort and feeding events. It does get frustrating and I hear a lot of my Lv 40-80 members wishing that we could at least have a chance for making top instead of just sitting in the middle every event no matter how hard we push.


A lot of the issue to is that PG doesn’t realize that they have too many players and not enough leagues. The higher level players don’t want to deal with the Diamond, Platinum, etc. drama so they hangout in the Gold league so nobody else gets the opportunity to move up anywhere since they are fighting to “maintain” that spot.


Well with how wars used to be only about 4-5 months ago you didn’t have to worry about any of that!

A core of about 30+ players was not happy with leadership we started our own team some being higher levels some below 100.

We just declared war after war non stop for a week and jumped from bronze to platinum. We were able to skip all Silver, all Gold and one Platinum league.

With how stuff is now I understand the having to climb league by league so you will have 200-300s in Silver & Golds But the ones who just want to hang out in gold most likely just want to be the big guy in the league lol


Why is everyone forgetting sapphire and platinum… they feel so tossed aside… It’s all about gold and diamond. Although I think it is a universal problem from bronze to sapphire 1.


Sapphire 1 is still ok cause some of them can’t compete in d2. But anything less than that should be in this category