The new player experience, and the current state of Gold League



How to win a WAR, 200s carry all baby members in battles.
How to be faster 100+s player, cheaters using faster rubies, and do report and report non-time, still without banned by PG until now.
how to be fair.


The Gold League Overview


Great post!

Lots of good material here, and most of it can apply to all the leagues.

This should be required reading for the Dev Team.


Very good post. I will point out that #2 affects everyone, high and low level. Divines ruined the balance of the game. At level 288 I shouldn’t worry about someone 75 level lower than me being able to solo my base but with divines it is possible. I made a lot of the build out errors while small and have somewhat fixed those but it still happens. It used to be you could adequately shoot for 15 levels higher than you and have a chance to win, now it’s 50-75 levels higher.

Not sure of the ultimate solutions but this definitely needs to be looked into.



You are partially wrong. One, and only one linage dragon can take you upstraight, no matter what level you are, that is Hauhesset :stuck_out_tongue: That dragon is the master piece of WD.

I think the divine dragons are the solution from PG to help ppl get over the huge token wall. They can try different breeding path to unlock the divine faster instead of waiting for months to reach to next tier


I didn’t even say anything about lineage dragons :blush:

Hau is great if you can fly. Many people cannot figure out hunters and get stopped there so it doesn’t work for everyone.


So they have Divine dragons to help them progress :stuck_out_tongue:
But either way, we are talking off topic now. Lets get back to the Original post about the current state of Gold League


The problem that was brought up is that divines are way overpowered compared to their Lineage counterparts at similar levels. I fail to see how that helps game balance. It throws the balance out.

This is all moot anyway until they complete their dragon/tower/spell rebalance anyway. We will have to see what they do but I have a feeling they are focusing on towers above level 40 and corresponding garnet/emerald/Obsidian dragons. I don’t think lineage will get the love they deserve.


When I was new my dragons sucked until I got Kinnarus . At lvl one Kinn was 16k power (I know! So op!). was by far my best dragon at lvl 1, soon after I got Amarok to give me 2 usable dragons. Was very exciting, but goodness were all the lineage dragons worthless. I was rocking Arborious and Kinnara like they were the king and queen of the block. Then suddenly I stopped using all lineage dragons for the most part until Green legendary. Still weak compared to divine (Ettin is a champ, though).

Now it’s like well Danzig and Hugin are warriors so they automatically suck, munin has no blue spells and a bad resist, nix has fireball which is too expensive and if it doesn’t kill everything in one shot you’re fucked. The hunters pretty much all seem to have self destruct stuck to them for some ungodly reason which is the only thing I don’t like about Ettin. Oh, except Urd, got that OP evasion.

The thing is, with some re-tooling this can be fixed (somewhat, helped a little at least). It seems it’s not too hard to change spells as we’ve seen. Throw every ballista and trebuchet resist into the garbage. All of them. I know a lot of people getting Amarok are fighting archers and cannons, so if you are happy with that component of Amarok just scrap the worthless poison resist and strap on a dark flak resist. Not every dragon has to be amazing, but they don’t have to all be worthless. When I got my first divine the thought of using the bad dragons past breedable was just blechhhhh.

Don’t make anything worse. Make things better! If money is the issue, my experience tells me you’re more likely to have people spending if they feel like it’s worth it rather than spending to avoid falling behind. Simple things. A resist here, a get rid of self-destruct there…fast track!

I’m sure this is wasted text, as the “One more tower can make all the difference!” message still shows on the loading screen even after asking for our opinions on loading screen tips. But at least I know my warriors can brawl through a tough island.


Higher levels do this for potentially several reasons. Perhaps they are on vacation or have a reason to be in a laid back league where they can still get points. Gold would seem like a reasonable choice for this. Maybe they recently began their team. To everyone saying that beginning a team, even as a high level, is easy or fast in any way is incredibly far from the reality. Sometimes they’re hanging out in Gold league to grow their smaller players to be ready for Platinum. They probably don’t want to be there as much as you don’t want them there. Higher leagues are always nicer. But don’t complain unless you know why they’re actually there.

That’s always how it’s going to be. You were late to the party; many players have a 3 and 2 year head start. It’s not their problem or their fault, but you should get used to it fast if it’ll be a problem. Even the higher you climb in leagues, you’ll still notice this.

I don’t see how those two correlate.

I can see how this would be an issue, but at the same time how many low levels actually know how to build an effective base? Next to none, so for the most part points like these become irrelevant.

My 2nd and 3rd best dragons are lineage dragons. In about Sapphire tier plus, this is eradicated. And I remember Green and Gold tier Legendaries pretty much in check with the divines of the time.

Why would PG want players to spend less money? No way in hell that they will begin advertising ways to save resources that can be purchased.

It’s playing style. Each type of dragon is good for its own purpose. Some people love warriors their entire playing careers, and some don’t. There are a handful of good warriors past Gold tier.


This is a good example of a typical high-level player’s opinion towards new players starting out in this game. By all means, try this explaination on a disenchanted level 30 account and tell me how it goes over.


We all have our own viewpoint, we will never all agree. One says broken, another says it’s perfectly fine.

Tell me a way to make everyone agree and I will fix all the problems in the world. :blush:


Band together with other teams, declare war on them. If they beat you all, they will move up to a higher league.


Token scaling, and breeding costs rebalancing/lowering would go a long way towards maintaining player motivation. It takes a new player roughly a year to get to gold unless they’re spending! At gold, you’re barely competitive. There will be a smaller, and smaller pool of players if this continues.

All tiers below the top tier costing less tokens would improve the player experience. Emerald dragons still wouldn’t be able to hit those level 55 or 60 towers. Obsidians can still cost an arm and a leg till the next tier release. And the player pool would grow because the end game levels and dragons would feel reachable. Competition would be fiercer, and top teams might even feel less bored with more challengers.

I’ve heard end level players say they don’t care if breeding costs below the top tier gets lowered. They still have the shiniest, newest, badass dragons! They don’t care about last year’s models.

Will PG lose money by doing this? Maybe in the initially, but I think in the long run, this grows their player base, and eventual revenue flow.

In real life we don’t pay full price for things that are a few years or seasons old. Things depreciate in value over time. Few things hold or gain value. Even if Pg were to drop the value of breeders significantly, it’d make a big difference to us. Fine, maintain the cost of useful dragons; Hauheset, Ferga, Noctua, etc. but breeders really need to be rebalanced in terms of token costs.


Many great ideas submitted but again…Where is PG?? Are they going to weigh in at any point?


I like this thread many valid points. It is true the tiers should be like new product releases. When the new tier is released all the previous tiers drop in cost as the become outdated older stock. Or you scale the earning with the cost of things.

Also PG are still on holiday so don’t expect a response till next week, just tag the relevant people and they will respond


We all went through this! We had our own difficulties and confusion. I didn’t say that I don’t agree with anything the OP states, but challenged some of the validities.


You know what, many top tier spending players already have enough tokens for getting newer immediately once they are released. So they don’t really care either way.


I think this is also why it’s becoming harder to find new players that stick around in the game. Levels don’t mean too much since I’ve taken down a poorly built base 100 levels above me with Kinnarus. I stopped using lineage dragons after kinnara and then after Amarok. I’m about to start sapphires after 7 months of being underwhelmed by lineage dragons. Hope it gets better. We finally worked up to gold 1 and PvP is a struggle with so many teams that have 200+ players. We try to back them on taking as many higher level bases as we can but it burns us out fast. Hopefully PG can do something about it to make it fun no matter what level you are.


They should create an alt non-atlas server with it’s own leagues all the way up to diamond so that people who want nothing to do with atlas can continue to play the classic game competitively.