The new player experience, and the current state of Gold League



My guess is It doesn’t really get better until obsidian. You will occasionally have a lineage dragon good enough to be useful on your roster, but since they don’t evolve it will be fleeting.

Currently I’m using sekoronos and Kelvin. Sek is almost done but he still has a few ounces of fight left in him (I got him 2 months ago :joy:). Kelvin will be almost as good as my season drags for about 2 months until I hit sapphire evolve. Next month I’m breeding anapa and sekhem and I anticipate that they will be better than my season dragons for a month or so.

You get the idea. Lineage dragons not completely worthless but definitely not a major component of the game, except for breeding milestones to unlock the season dragon evolves.


Some examples with my experience:

Plat the only dragons I ever really used were Kelvin and Kaiju.
Sapphire I got Scorchil and Sekhem early enough that they were useful until I could get Hau and Apo leveled up.
Garnet’s an iffy tier, but I got by with using Jul and A&A.
Now in Emerald Storm, Ferga, and Kyrule are my top lineage.

Point is, if you stay on top of your breeding and runs, the lineage dragons can become very useful. As progress with breeding slows down, the usefulness is not “fleeting”. They’re far from worthless and provide practice and resources.


Assuming you’re following a breeding path, I do think lineage dragons have some merit higher up. In my opinion:

Sekhem is a solid hunter
Scorchil is a good warrior (for a warrior)
Chompa isn’t bad, not great.
Apophet (mythic) is a solid dragon
Hauheset (mythic) is a fucking pheonominal dragon if you can fly.

Frostbiter is a solid hunter
Zaru has some good uses
People like Renard
A&A are just lovely as fuck
Gloom is kind of a strategical warrior, but still a warrior.
Icicle is okay.

Deci is a lot of fun and has uses, but not amazing
Ferga is fabulous if you have healing mark runes up the ass
Kyrule is actually a really solid warrior, but still a warrior.
Slax is interesting to fly but not awesome.
Xenot takes practice and is okay
Stormheim is a lazy warrior but can tank alright
Nier…I have hopes but he’s still small on my only account that has him So idk

Noctua is the best dragon in the game, but will make you lazy.
Hedran shoots fucking diamonds…but is a warrior so eh. Maybe if they fix isolation
Lumina is interesting and might do well if people still used projectiles lol.
that’s all I got…


seems like the simplest solution would be to randomly assign teams based on level every season, that would keep every team/league competitive.50-100 100-150 and so on. automatically kick low actives and replace with people leveling past the current team


While that would keep things fair, people like playing with their friends.

I think figuring out a way to match teams with high level players against other teams with high level players would be best. Keep the teams that are like that all in the same sub-leagues.


Actually I rather like the idea. If I were to get separated from my friends do to levels it’d be an awesome way to alliance later and also making new friends it my favorite part of the game.


That’s nice for you, and you can always team jump whenever you want. Think of the people who like playing with their friends though.


Not a chance in hell. Worst idea I have ever heard, excluding anything by PlayerJ


If you say that name one more time, he might return like Beetle…

“Lovely as fuck”. You must get marriage proposals many times a day. Bet you’re a fun drinking buddy.



i didnt say it was a perfect solution, i said simple. it would even the playing field no doubt about it


The simplest solution to any problem with the game would be to quit playing, but we try to keep suggestions practical. :wink:


Just to clarify, this is a compliment!

Was going to put hearts but didn’t want to be creepy.


This would be a mess. Aside from the obvious fact that people want to play with their teammates, Atlas, etc…not all levels/activity levels are equal. This would be the simplest way to get a lot of people to quit at the same time.


By far the most needed fix for sandbagging is to finish the comprehensive league restructure proposal by @TheRedDelilah

Nearly a year in and subleagues still don’t have scaled rewards, and scaling individual rewards by league would go a long way toward fixing the current perverse incentive for high levels to get super easy individual rewards in low leagues.


oh i get the relationship aspect of it, but they level cap dragons to make competitive. yet teams can include a wide range of levels which is not competitive. not all teams have 300 and 400’s on them. this is about a new players experience, what does it take to get them to fall in love with it, you either have to increase the leveling aspect of the game or decrease team level. you can only push a kid down so many times before he doesnt want to play for you any more


Yeah, well, yes, but… hmmm… I speak 3 languages. What if the game sorts me in a team that speaks other 6? Babylon 2018?

Challenging would be an undestatement


there should already be a translator in chat, that should have happened long ago


If they went to the lengths of that huge of an overhaul I would hope they would also add language preference features and the ability to switch to other equally leveled teams…


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Rude much?People are throwing out suggestions. I feel its worth a discussion. You don’t need to be “one of those” :blush: