The new player experience, and the current state of Gold League




So let’s say that they manage to sort us regarding level, activity and preferred language, which would be magnificent…

So the new team can (ideally) work. The real question if the members can work together, organize the attacks, rss, whatnot… and who would be appointed as leader/officers?

The fair system - even with every possible extra filter in it - wouldn’t be user friendly
just like the system we have now is not fair, but user friendly. That is how I see it.

Maybe I should clean my glasses…


that would require communication, would’nt that be awesome


Well the idea, I’d think, is to improve the new player experience without ruining everything for everyone else, right?


i think so, but since there isnt a built in mentor to the game you need the opportunity to grow and achieve, this only happens in a competitive environment


I was really disappointed with Anapa, he’s beautiful, but I was disappointed with his performance.


Do you or @TheRedDelilah have a link to this to share? I am very interested.


Feast your eyes:


Warning @Crankypants - it’s a bit of a read.


Can we transfer this into the new forums pls? The old ones will be archived soon I think.


Read through the old forums.
Seems PG took some of the ideas, and not others.

The league restructuring happened, but perhaps the prize differences haven’t been enough of an incentive to not sandbag.

Also, a key part of Red and co’s original proposal was to implement some sort of multiplier for war, and I think token rebalance… That didn’t happen. Scaling egg missions and/or rewarding effort by having A multiplier for egg missions, again based on league seems like a great idea!

As a community I think there are some great observations and ideas, just wish PG would continued the conversation with us!

Also, wish they had some staff who are higher levels, and can experience the challenges of the sapphire/garnet/emerald walls. Not to mention the challenges of research.


This is an absolute mess… So many topics in one. :flushed:


Yes!!! Amarok needs Dark Flak Resist!!!

When you are entering the game, it says something about the more towers you have the more firepower u have to take down dragons. This is misleading…you are much better off having a short base. Definitely need better tutorials.


It would be interesting to see PG change some spells in the linage tiers. And decrease the importance of Divines.

Many 200+ players hang out in gold so they can be relaxed with the war system and events. Platinum+ all the teams are more strict with wars. Obviously it does depend on the team, but just in general.

Yes, league restructuring has happened…I think it’s a good change. So PG touched on part of this.

Most lower tier dragons need Rebalancing…so they can actually be used in the game. All I do when I need to lvl up a trash dragon is back myself up with my alt on xp280. Warriors IMO are weak from the red tier…


lineage drags don’t make money, divines do. I can’t see PG making a change if the game puts you in the direction of divines rather than lineage as it’s a better money grabber.

Hell there’s even Ember you have to buy each evo stone for separately!

I’d love to see some attention put into the lower part of the game, amarok should imo be the dragon everyone wants but as has been well pointed out it’s hardly worth breeding now.


I agree with the concept of scaled or ranked leagues. PG should focus on league play and keep the game playable for all.


So level 180s shouldn’t be allowed in Diamond?


Level doesn’t even matter lol…well it matters but not much. A lvl 180 can have a better base than a lvl 300. The level 180 might also have better dragons than the 300. It all depends.


Here’s a terrible idea to add to the discussion… How about putting caps on maximum achievable defense level on bases depending on what league you are in. Caps could also be put on attack power of dragons too.

300s could still sandbag and stay in gold league for whatever their reasons for staying there is, and lower level players trying to move up to higher leagues could have a better chance at beating those bases.


Not only is it a bit of a read, too many big words for me lol


I like this idea actually it is decent. Problem is what is the cut off for this because atlas and food hunting any one can hit anyone. But for wars it sounds legit.