The new player experience, and the current state of Gold League



Exactly. That is indeed why I am in Gold. If Atlas was gone, I would have never moved.


About the league restructure…we still don’t have sub-league final event prizes🤔
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I was going to scroll through this thread but after first few posts I decided to read it. Awesome read! Great job writing the post and observing the state of the game at lower levels. While I do agree with most of the things I do feel like some of the stuff you suggested would be not that easy to implement. The trade off for me reading your thread is that I didn’t ready any comments from other people rofl.

Just wanted to give you props on your thread and welcome to the game.


What about scaling personal event rewards based on the league your in like they do team rewards. That way bigger players hiding in lower leagues get far less and it also incentivises players to climb the leagues.


RIGHT! This is what I proposed when I made the league restructure LAST YEAR.


But as normal pg won’t listen. Just look at atlas and the seal clubbing fest that has become.


That may be a bit too far. They have been making stead changes in Atlas (though not as fast as we would like, but that’s what it is) and they did actually half ass do the league restructure in the first place.


Okay, perhaps they do listen when the right players say something. As for atlas the lengthy rollout is only increasing the divide between lower players. There is no way any new player will ever be able to fairly complete on a like for like basis. We talk about restructure but the only thing I ever see is bigger dilluision of chest, event and league rewards. I remember when a rare/epic bronze chest was 100/150 x 15min timers.


Hahahhahahaha that’s gold :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I really like how you broke this out.

I noticed the same things you have and have mentioned most of them (Albeit less eloquently) a few times in other threads.

I think your proposed solutions are mostly doomed to fail, but you hit the problems right on the head.

As you observed PG doesn’t dona very good job on adjusting the bottom of the game, and their adjustments at the top mostly make the bottom worse.

I have noticed lately there is an increased problem with large players sandbagging at increasingly lower levels. I see teams who don’t war, I see teams who only pick on easy wins but never fight a challenging war.

I have also seen an increased number of high levels at low tiers. Some I think are accounts that can’t be as active, some are alts or original accounts which were replaced by alts. Some in platinum are definitely avoiding atlas (which seems silly to me). Some are probably cheaters who want to stay off the radar. It definitely destroys the enjoyment of those leagues for many.

So I proposed a suggestion to do forced wars as it should improve a lot these issues. (It would move most of the gold teams with high levels into one league at the top of gold which could easily skipped over on your way to platinum) it would theoretically prevent easy all battles being easy wins, and it would cause teams rankings to constantly
Change. You can’t stop sandbagging fully but you would have to actively do more to stay lower than you should be.

Your suggestion about capping individual points I think has merit. Although I can poke some holes in it, I think implemented it would solve more problems than it would create, so it might be a net improvement even with those holes.

I think adjusting costs on the bottom tier are hugely needed.

On being stuck against those 300s and 400s, fwiw I dropped back on my alt team and then made an effort to gain so many points that I jumped over them in the bottom of the next tier. It’s still broken and should be fixed, but you can work around it.

This thread deserves a lot more. I’ll come back to comment more specifically and read the comments (there are lots I skipped)


It’s an interesting idea, but for some events, your proposal as written imposes a handicap to everyone in low leagues, not just the sandbaggers. If a level 45 wants to hoard and farm speedups for a month, then spend 300 healing potions so that he can claw his way to the 720k point tier for a fort event, I think we should enable and indeed encourage that lunatic to do it. (This may not have been a hypothetical example.)

It’s good for PG and the playerbase to encourage that kind of competitiveness. It’s bad for the playerbase and user retention to have sandbaggers squatting in new player areas and threatening to permanently farm anyone who tries to push them away by declaring war on them, which is what happened to my team this week.

I think you could accomplish the proposal’s goals more elegantly without league caps but with a point cost scaling function dependent on the batch of 25 teams that you land in. I.e., there’d be a base point cost associated with each prize tier. If you are at the median player level (or median attack power, for PVP events) for your league, you need that base amount for that prize tier. If you’re lower, you need less; if you’re higher, you need more. The scaling could be something like:

playerStat / medianStatForLeague

So that a level 100 has to earn twice as many points in an average level 50 league to get the same prizes, under the assumption that it’s twice as easy for them as it would be in a median level 100 league. Exempt Diamond, Sapphire, and probably Platinum from this, or set a minimum floor of 1.0 for the multiplier there so that it doesn’t affect high-leveled players there.

You could tweak the formula as much as you like; off the top of my head, power level scales exponentially rather than multiplicatively with levels in the game, so that could use work. The specifics are less important than the core concept of including the two variables (player stat, and median stat) in some continuous, inverse relationship.

A good formula here seems simpler (requires less game designer effort in balancing the tiers) and better (scaling discouragement for sandbaggers depending on how much they’re sandbagging, without also hurting scrappy lower leveled players) than fixed caps do.


@PGJared @PGCrisis @PGPulse Hey guys, I started this thread over the holidays and wasn’t sure if you had seen it, so I’m tagging you. There’s been quite a bit of discussion, so I’ll try to summarize:

Everyone (edit: except Ebony) who responded seemed to agree that the problems in the original post were real and significant. I wrote a follow-up reply here to address some recurring subjects in the replies.

The proposed solutions got a more mixed response; there weren’t specific objections, but people just seemed nonspecifically unsure.

There’s some discussion of Red’s league restructuring proposal that starts around here.

I know you guys have limited time, so those seem like the main ideas in discussion here. Thanks for reading!


To be clear, I do NOT agree with all of the problems stated. Not “everyone” did.


I get what you’re saying but I disagree. If you want better prizes the join a team in a higher league, or get your team up there by warring. This is exactly the same concept as team prizes currently, just expanded to also include personal prizes.

If you’re in the NBA you expect to be paid $MMMMs to play. If you’re in the Alaskan No Name Basketball league should you expect the same pay - even if you had the same ability as LeBron? No! Sandbaggers are like LeBron going to said Alaskan league and dominating without breaking a sweat, then picking up the same $MMMMMs paycheck without the same level of competition.


this is my second season. i agree with a lot of the points made so far. my only question here is what exactly is this atlas your referring to? im lvl 53 in the middle of green tier for breeding and i also made the mistake of clearing all the clouds and islands but only use 2 of them now. im in plat 4 was originally all the way up to plat 2 but then everyone on my team splintered to go for saphire and i had to jump around and find a new team. its incredibly hard to find teams that are active and organized for wars. so many teams barely do wars. its more than annoying. hopefully ill find a good team soon. but what is this atlas everyone keeps mentioning here?


You can pretty much ignore it, until you join a team with Atlas.

Basics Guide from xYellowMonkeYx:

Gox1201’s Thorough Atlas Info/Guide:

YouTube Atlas Basics from TheRedDelilah: (some language)

Atlas Websites and Vids
How do you access atlas?
Question what atlas is

is this going to be an upgrade to the reg war dragons or a diff app? the maps deff look like a whole new thing. i hope iit adds rather than takes away fromt he gameplay. i guess well have to wait and see.


Currently, Atlas is part of the same application. From what I have seen, it is an icon on the screen you touch to enter that part of the game. I don’t think there are any plans to separate it into a different app.


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I did 1 Million from level 43 to level 56 :sweat_smile: