The New Swap Button


Just so the forums aren’t 100% negative comments – I like the new swap button. It could be skootched up a bit higher, but overall, looks good, a bit more out of the way, and less likely to be hit accidentally, I hope.



They just switched the button :unamused:
The button isn’t the problem!
The placement is!
Why not bottom right? There is nothing to shoot at or destroy in the bottom right of any screen.
So swap would be available but out of the way!

As it sit there are several hit boxes that swap glides over.


The top and bottom of the screen do NOT work if you are flying hunters. There are numerous times when I’ve fired on towers when they are barely on the screen (at both the top and the bottom).


Bottom right?
I use hunters 90% of the time… I’ve never had to shoot anything in the bottom right of the screen. Ever



I have shot bottom right just like Liz. I shoot the monuments that I have almost passed there, especially on the first 2 islands. Liz is correct, no bottom right. :blush:

I love the fixed button but it could be scooched a tad bit lower for my personal preference. We will never all agree, this is a great compromise I think.

Fyi, this is not the old swap button. This button is slightly smaller than the original swap button.

I heartily approve! :blush:


I also hit monuments in that spot. Especially the one at the end of the long island. Often hit that monument with a heal mark before killing it :blush:


Did you see the pic I posted? It’s not all the way on the bottom and it’s totally out of the way for hunters


I use that spot all the time, blame the players with ultra long bases…


Yeah, I saw your pic. You do realize that you fly bases that look different than many others bases look, right? I don’t know if any positioning was changed for atlas, as I am not in atlas, but I know full well where I tap to take out the monument when I am flying my dragons…

Or do you know where I tap better than me?

A little understanding goes a long way dude. That’s why I said the placement isn’t perfect for me but it is a great all around compromise.

In the middle, if it covers something, you still have half a screen after it passes to make your hit. In the bottom corner ( where I shoot) if it is covering something I am shit out of luck and cannot hit after it passes because it is out of the screen.


Keep in mind the aspect ratios of different devices. I know I see less to the sides on my iPad than I do on my iPhone. Sucks, as I feel like even on a bigger screen, I am seeing less of the game…


Putting a swap button down there would make it a lot harder to kill this monument at the last second. (I cloned the swap button and pointed an arrow to it for where’d the issue would be if it were moved to bottom right).



There are 4 spots where very bottom right would be and issue…
I used the normal base.
See above there is still a large shooting area for last second shots over each spot.


But that same monument can be killed after you turn the corner also unlike the others you get two chances at it.


:woman_shrugging: But it’s been in it’s current spot for so long. Why change it now after we’ve learned NOT to hit that area of the screen?


Why does it have to be last second? I would rather shoot it when I want and only use last second as a last resort.

Where it is now you have 3/4-2/3 Of a screen to hit after it passes that spot. Where you want it means there is only 1/8-1/4 Of the screen left after the button obscures the target.

Plus, as Jonesy mentioned, aspect ratio. We don’t all have the same view for the same area of the base. You can’t speak for what “everyone” sees. You said there are 4 places it would be an issue…for you based off what you can see. Not everyone else.

No point in moving it again, it was just fixed.


You can clearly see the difference in the aspect ratio for the pic I posted (full size screen shot for a 10.5” iPad Pro) vs the aspect ration on the images that Snowb1 posted.

Edges of game screen cut off ipad

Put together an image that depicts the screen size difference between different devices. In order to show the difference in what the different devices would see screen wise, the picture I mocked up is assuming that both devices share the same screen height (just different widths due to the aspect ratio).

In case the text that I wrote in the picture is unclear, the image inside the green box is for an iPad Pro (10.5”) outside the green box is for an iPhone SE.

Tablet recommendation for IOS

I saw infinite posts about moving the swap button. There is always someone who disagrees.

It’s okay for me now, maybe just a bit short