The Next Event Is

There’s two event left in the Springveil Season and I’m so excited to know. Is fortification next? That would be the correct one in order… then the next would be PvP or Feeding…

You’re right, fortification is next

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But the last event of the season :upside_down_face::woman_shrugging:

Great news, it will be Kingdom Wars V.3

  • Kingdom Wars…
    • :scream: No… We just had it
  • Fight Pits then…
    • Too soon…
  • Feeding?
    • Isn’t it next season?
  • So, what’s left?

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Kingdom Wars V.3 lolololololol

Team Gauntlet… :t_rex:

Could it possibly be capture the flag?

They’ve discontinued that event. :t_rex:

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That’s discontinued too. :t_rex:

So what happens to the flags around the bases?

Do they stay there forevermore haha

I hope so since I have four of mine. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

No idea lol. I don’t have any :t_rex:

That sucks… I wanted more around my base lol

Final event will be Kingdom Pits where every round players will move through the different levels
of the Coliseum. Each area having a new map where all territory is reset. Energy reset will be every 48hrs



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:persevere: Stop!!!
Don’t make them disable energy reset…

Should be feeding, haven’t had one this season yet.

It was at the very beginning of this season… :t_rex:


Don’t you remember it wrecked our gold chest openings :grin: Praying we don’t start with it next season :pray: