The next feeding event

Anyone know the date of the next feeding event my drags will die of starvation soon :joy:

Feed yo dragons man.

Nothing worse than a dragon nipping at your heels because you have been depriving him


hopefully, never. It was good the first time they brought it back after 18 months with the massive food production they gave us. It was okay the second time 10-12 weeks later with the nerfed food production. Now it is useless as there is no food to hunt during the event. Sad when people are excited to hit a base for 50K in food during the event.

Plus, learn the search function on the forums as there was a post about this a day or two ago.


Agreed. I entered “Feeding event” in the search and got boat loads of results. So I show a good example and link the one that can answer all your questions, give you new information and links to learn from.

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“Base abandoned. Dragonlord devoured by dragons.”


Only 50k? It can get so bad that I get excited about 20-30k :sob:

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