The Option to Choose Diamonds over Bullhorns in Building/Reviving Troops

Can we please add a new feature that allows us to choose between Diamonds or Bullhorns when building and reviving troops?

As it is, when you have Bullhorns you are forced to use them regardless of how many Diamonds you have.

For instance, lets say I have 1M Diamonds and 1 Bullhorn, the game will only allow me to choose my 1 Bullhorn over my 1M Diamonds.


This isn’t’ exactly the same, but I get lots of bullhorns buying Atlas chests with diamonds. I also get lots of gold packs and a decent amount of crafting shards and blue rider shards, 1M diamonds would buy me a bullhorn stash that would take forever to go through, unless I use all the gold packs too and hire a mass amount of troops all at once.

I know what you mean, though. If the option was there to buy farmers with diamonds, you’d get a better farmer to diamond ratio compared to buying Atlas chests.


Right, also for building or reviving 12k troops when the meter isn’t charged, the game forces our hands to only pick Bullhorns if you have them. It’d be nice to save them for later (Glory event) instead of being forced to use them on the spot.


Another benefit of having this feature added is, lets say I have 40 Bullhorns and I just finished reviving 12k and so the meter reset. Suddenly my team gets attacked by 2 5TAs in Atlas at once. I want to join in but my Hospital is still 90% full. It is only Crafting Event, so the ratio for troop to Bullhorns isn’t that high. I look at my Diamonds and see that I have 400k.

In this scenario I could use my 400k Diamonds to clean my Hospital, and continue to build troops to vehemently defend against 2 5TAs, while still keeping my Bullhorns for later.


There is literally no value in saving bullhorns over diamonds. There is nothing bullhorns can do that diamonds can’t do better.

If anything, this prevents the clueless from spending diamonds when there’s no reason to.


This would in every way be inferior to keeping your diamonds for later.

I believe the OP is referring to the discount during glory event. However I believe diamond to bullhorn value remains the same during that time? So yeah no difference using horns or diamonds and as you said, diamonds are more versatile.


Yep the discount is on troop cost, the diamond to bullhorn exchange rate and the bullhorn to hats exchange rate remain exactly the same.

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Did a little experiment (buying 200 extra troop beyond owned hat)
I believe there is no difference between bullhorn and diamond usage ( @PGMatt can you please clarify? Or other devs ).

The process is always using bullhorn to hat.
What we buy with diamonds are bullhorn, not the hat.
Hence, choosing bullhorn first is the most optimal solution.
tl,dr. Sounds like a suggestion to complicate things for nothing

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There isn’t, 550 diamonds buy one bullhorn, and you spend those bullhorns with the normal diminishing returns if you buy a lot of hats on the same day. I’ve done a bunch of 12k new troop builds before which start at 30 bullhorns and slowly increase to 60. The cost increase stays the same when bullhorns run out and you switch to diamonds.


I don’t understand the ask, it’s almost the same as asking “could you please allow me to use rubies instead on timers when speeding up a tower so I can save the timers for a later use”.


If your numbers and this table are correct, it costs 3300 diamonds to buy 6 bullhorns. If you spend 4000 diamonds, just a little more, you get 10 Atlas chests which give you this on average:

5.9 bullhorns
5.9 500k gold packs
41,200 crafting shards
3.1 blue rider shards (still useful for newer players)


If the numbers are right, isn’t it almost always better to get the chests? I can’t imagine anyone not wanting more gold packs, even if they have all the riders and gear they want.


Yep, like most chests in the game if you need multiple of the things in it the chests are a better offer. If all you need is the bullhorns buying them directly is cheaper.

Note that these chests did get a huge bump not that long ago. For the first years of atlas you’d barely get 1 bullhorn per 10 chests and the direct buy route was hugely superior.

Also gold is farmable to an extent, while bullhorns aren’t. If you’re only building troops and farm your multipliers, you’ll run out of hats well before you run out of gold. Balance shifts if you include prim leveling cost of course.


Definitely better off opening the chests, however it would be nice if we had somewhere (trading post maybe ) to offload the extra scroll, red/blue rider shards and even the 5* mission tokens (possibly making it so that mission tokens could be used any level and the number of stars is the number used)

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I love how you’re using player created tools for this :slight_smile:


I can look through the source code and game param files to figure things out if I want. Player created tools are just better. :slight_smile: I spend almost as much time on Neon War Dragons than I spend on the forums here.


It would be nice to be able to trade in extra resources you don’t need. I believe the game designers are coming up with ideas for ways to use these surplus resources. I don’t know the details yet.

I love the idea of having mission tokens work for any level at or under its own level. I have tons of 5 star tokens, but I’m always running out of 3 star tokens. This would be an easy quality of life improvement for players who actually care to send out rider missions consistently. I’ll add this to our Tech Initiatives doc and try to get it approved.


Solution is to stop running 3 star missions :joy:

One 4 star, two 5 star, tokens and timers.

But I’d love to have a way to get rid of all those red and blue rider shards the game keeps shoving my way and that literally have nothing to use them on.


I have enough timers, though. Egg tokens are the one currency limiting my growth as a player. I can’t go through all the timers I have if I can’t make fast enough progress with breeding.

Plus this is a code change I could literally make and test in under an hour.


That’s not going to hold for a long time, as soon as you get out of the hyper-discounted zone and start spending several thousand days per event…

Well by all means don’t let me stop you from doing that! It would definitely be nice to have the option, even if I personally wouldn’t recommend it.