The Order of Events

Perhaps this only applies to lower-leveled players like myself (I’m level 48 in Gold II), but I’m struggling with timing due to the current order of events. After breeding, I had 5-6 eggs in the incubator (since I’m only in Green tier), and ended up having to use timers on the eggs to be prepared for feeding. Level one Greens don’t eat that much though, and I didn’t really get that many opportunities to spend that much food.

Now, a fortification event will bring me past level 49, where I unlock a level 13 Dragon’s Den. I will certainly participate in this fortification event because my half of my roster has been capped for almost three weeks, with Ettin (12), Amarok (18), and three capped divines. These dragons are really powerful at my level and I have several levels of xp on each, and will likewise cost very large amounts of food. Should I wait until the next feeding event to level these guys? If I level them now I will likely at least double my attack power, with two levels on Ettin and Amarok and an unknown amount for my divines; if I wait until the next feeding event I will probably get twice as many points as I got in this last one. By then, however, I’ll probably have capped dragons again, and will have to wait a full cycle until my dragons catch up with my level. Am I doing this wrong? Of course I would like to have feeding right after fortification, so my attack power rises as soon as my defenses go up, but this doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon. Thanks for any advice!

Don’t hold yourself back by waiting on feeding your strongest dragons, or pick the top three to feed and wait on the others. Note that lower level divines are much cheaper to feed, so if there are some that you don’t use as often, they’ll be easier to feed during the event.

While it may result in scoring less in the feeding event, waiting on feeding your strongest dragons detracts from the game as a whole. Wait on feeding unused/less frequently dragons that have stored xp and the perch (forgot which level it’s available).


To add on what @forScience said, feeding comes every 9-10 weeks, so you have plenty of time to feed your strong dragons, and get your breeders to breedable, but after that, then you can starve your breeders or dragons you don’t like very much. I strongly discourage not feeding Ettin and Amarok as they’re some of the strongest lineage dragons at your level.


Definitely keep leveling the dragons that are your best and that you use for more than just XP runs.

In Green tier just to share what I did/am doing, I stopped leveling after breedable regarding the rare and epic dragons. It depends on how easily you can get your max XP if you have an xp base you use regularly, but I was able to self-train Ith (battle cry and explosive shield were good for XP runs) so I was able to keep banking XP on my own for him, the other rare/epic I just used as a throw-in dragon if I was following a higher level and they either died or swapped for me to finish the base and get XP.

For Legendaries they can take the 85 xNotxAxFarmx (sp) base alone without boosts shortly after breedable, so I leveled them up a couple more times so that I was trading a few levels to be able to run them for max xp 3 times a day WITHOUT using boosts/heals/resist spells or needing to ask for xp runs (that’d be way too much of a chore to put on anyone with the amount of runs I was doing).

For me this included Urd, Karna, Nix, Munin and somewhat Danzig. Danzig is a decent dragon so that’s up to you if you want to halt his leveling, but the other 4 I was able to bank xp daily and this past event took all 4 of them from lvl 16 (I think) to 27 (Danzig lvl 29). I didn’t wait around for the event with Ettin (or Hugin, but Ettin is an all-star) and they were both expert already before the event.

This took a LOT of effort and XP runs, though, but if you’re highly active gives you something to do when you think there’s nothing. I used this same plan for Gold epic dragons that I had, so was able to level them up from lvl 9 to lvl 19.

I’m not suggesting going as hardcore as I did since it was an embarrassing amount of time spent on xp runs for dragons I wouldn’t use except for the feed event, but I like flying so it gave me something to do and also picked up the goodies that drop during runs in the process.

My score was 1.55mil this event (I’m lvl 84) but I also wasted my life away hunting food all week and used 3 or 4 protection boosts so I know I went a tad overboard.

Sorry that was a lot :man_facepalming: got a little carried away lol.


Hmm thanks. You’re absolutely right; Ettin and Amarok actually outclasses my other two divines (since I took two warriors because I was even more noob than I am right now), though Equestor is my most reliable dragon. With rare breeders, I generally swap them after reaching breedable. With epics, I try to get them to expert if I have room on my roster, so I can perch them. The funny thing is I just realized that Chimerak is actually stronger than my near-expert Hydron for perch purposes… So I guess I’ll have a bit of food on my Hydron for the next feeding event lol.

Seems like feeding event isn’t prepared for nearly as much as breeding or fortification; thanks again for the tips!

My roster is largely self-trainable- I don’t need an xp base because the bases at my level (that provide max XP) only have about 50-60k defense power, and many are fully extended). Right now it’s Ettin, Enki, Ember, Equestor, Septys, Amarok, Chimerak, Drakius, Hydron, and Ith. The only ones that need help are Ember (surprisingly) and Septys, and Enki is really there for Hunter training lol. It can’t 100% max XP bases and it’s just over breedable but is hella fun to fly. Ith occasionally screws up since its kinda weak (not capped yet) with defenders.

I’m pretty active (7.9m medals as a level 48) and I’ve been power-breeding my dragons, trying to get to Gold as fast as possible. I’m actually missing half of the Orange Epics and Legendaries (Noss, Luminark, and Durga), and don’t plan on getting any of the Green Epics unless I have to. I’m breeding (with Red’s Best Guide, thank you to her) for Munin and Danzig so I can hop into Gold as soon as possible. I’ve heard that Hugin is really strong though. I’m rushing into Gold because I already have the Gold stone for Equestor and really want Whalegnawer early, and will probably settle once I get Whalegnawer to slowly backbreed the tens of dragons I missed earlier. Karna’s entirely optional so I probably won’t get her any time soon :joy:

However, like I said, there’s a lot I don’t know; please tear apart this strategy and tell me if there’s a better alternative (this is getting a little sidetracked lol sorry). I suspect that if I breed like this maybe I can get some Legendaries on the perch and actually use the silly xp feature.

Going back to the starving of dragons, I really dislike Drakius as he absolutely sucks against defenders… Or I suck at warriors… If I were to attack someone much stronger than me, I’d sooner use Amarok, Ettin, and Equestor than him. Is it okay to just level these three, and let Drakius provide points for feeding? Generally speaking, how many “strongest dragons” do you keep on your roster?

First of all good job using the guide, you’ll acquire dragons as you go no reason to stray just to have dragons to set up for feed event. I’m using “Red’s Best” guide (her most recent) which I’d suggest if you’re not on already. I have some extra that you probably won’t get (don’t think you’ll need to get Karna or Urd for your path). You’ll be fine if you’re following a guide, for sure.

In regards to Drakius personally I would level him, he gains power as a divine much faster than a lineage warrior, and being limited in how much you level can level him as you’ll soon be den-capped, I wouldn’t bother saving a divine just for feed event even if you don’t like him. To me that seems like a waste.

I generally have on my roster Necryx, Gargula, Kinnarus, Leos now, Whalegnawer, Consurgens, Ember and then either someone irrelevant that I’m just doing XP runs with (like a Karna or Urd as mentioned before) or Ettin if I really want all 8 to be my most “usable.” I also swap some in and out for more irrelevant dragons (like Urd or Karna) for xp runs if I’m just bored lol. But if I had to take 8 with me and the rest of my dragons were deleted from the game it’s those 8 I listed.

So for right now, my 4 seasonal dragons + Whale and Cons are the dragons I’m leveling past breedable with no cares about whether it’s a feed event or not. If Ettin wasn’t expert already I’d be leveling him too.

That’s just my personal style though, and I probably play more than the average person (it’s kind of embarrassing). It’s good to ask these questions, some people may be reading what I’m saying and thinking “what an idiot get a life” but you’ll figure out how to integrate what’s smart with a method that works for you personally and succeed :+1::+1:

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level everything to breed and then up to the next lvl increase. park the dragon b4 you upgrade it. get next dragon. repeat. just sa e everything for future events

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