The other side of the fence: Atlas Rules

This is a thread that begins with the other perspective of the new and recent Atlas Rules.
The rules had no detriment to gaining glory, and in fact aided gaining glory.
I will not speak about the 4/5 castle situation, has nothing to do with me. I play on lvl 2 ground. Gaining glory, in the most efficient farming of, is best gained from attacking. Even with trapper and taunter, attacking a siege is best to gain glory. I’ve had no problem lvling my defensive prims attacking and pg increased the revive rate for attackers? Even after the update, the only thing that slowed me was everyone shying away from Aligane. I’m only 180-something lvl, and I get attacked by higher lvls than my base can slow. However, it is a rare, very rare, thing that I lose more than 1 troop. If people would use their defensive prims to attack at the glory pit, instead of crying that they can’t park their trapper, wake up to scrap glory and revive every one of them for event points, so sad :sob:, they would make it what pg intended: more competitive.

How do you only lose one troop?

After each attack, I move back to the castle set next to the glory pit, which I set as home, and transfer my remaining troops to my other primarck. I take one defensive in case I see a sieger, and my silver siege to do the bracket filling.

When I transfer, I leave 1 so I don’t free the prim, and because I never know if I’m under attack. While I go look for another opponent, I leave 1 and sometimes the message pops up “you were attacked and gained 0 glory”

So i sit on tbe edge and snipe. Enter hit target, lag and the attack button does not work, crash, or just get smoked by harb/vanguard…at least 3/4 of the options cost me money and are poor game design…


Well… I fully agree that the best way to approach glory farming hasn’t changed, in that attacking in Aligane and avoiding being attacked in return is by far the most effective method. Personally, I just use 3800 troops and deal with the occasional small loss because I’m not a fan of exploiting holes in the game logic, but hey, if you’re cool with it, that’s your choice. I think I logged off in Aligane once, realized I was getting far too little glory for the setback in lost troops, and went back to suicidal dive bombing.

The problem boils down to that if everyone is doing what you suggest here… Who gets attacked? If no one is willing to go to Aligane and defend, then you’ll see a dramatic increase in time wasting runs that “didn’t happen”.


You know PG see this they will stop and a cap of a minimum


War evolves itself. Universalizing what I do makes it even more competitive to draw people in. Set a small teammate, for example, out there for bait. All kinds of strategy to any game. Saying something won’t work without trying does what for progress?

The amount of troops is on line to take in, but I would like to address the hole comment. Me moving back and transferring troops and beating someone’s attack on me is not exploiting a hole, it’s the rules. The game cannot do what it is not programmed too. This is a defense mechanism to protect you. In as much as someone can attack me in fortification and I can transfer lumber away, so goes Atlas with troops. Just sad no one else can figure it out.


I believe you are saying this is a thread dedicated to talking about the positive impact of the recent changes. Mentioning specifically that it’s quite possible to gain glory still, even in Aligane (although I don’t know why you would still goto Aligane)

Does that essentially sum what you are saying? I agree that’s essentially true. It’s more of if you were throwing a prime into Aligane and logging off, that no longer works and you should react accordingly.

I have an alt slightly smaller and I have no issues either. When I don’t get glory it’s becasue I didn’t spend time trying to get it. I do think as a smaller player you must really understand the system to make good use of it. And I think the trouble most have is that they can’t or won’t understand it well enough.

It’s a tricky balance because we don’t want to reward actions without thought and strategy, but also it should be meaningful to the majority of the customers in some way.

Yeah, honestly I’m not quite sure why there as many people there as there are. Maybe everyone is trying to attack now, or maybe some either don’t care or don’t know they it’s not such a good idea anymore. Or maybe they bank on being bases that can hold attacks to something that has good glory and revives.

This is almost impossible. I assume you must be exaggerating some. Troop ratios will in almost every situation require more than one troop dies on both sides unless one side only had 1 troop. And 1 troop won’t get you much glory either.

I assume you mean very few troops die. The best possible case for an attack is 10:1 which means you only lose 1 troop for every 10 you kill. Unless they have less than 20 troops you should expect more than 1 troop lost. Typical exchanges with bronze primarchs would be 750 lost to kill 7500, resulting in 1125 glory and something like 80% of the 750 you lost being revivable. (600 if 80% is correct from memory)

This means 150 troops were permanently dead and your normal training you would lose 120 troops or 60 hats + gold and time to recover those 600 troops

Really decent for the attacker but it’s not quite 1 troop lost.

Defender doesn’t do so well though. Defender loses 7500 troops of which 40% are revivable. (3000). Leaving 4500 permanently dead and costing 300 hats + time and gold to recover (equivalent to training 600 new troops in resources)

It definitely pays to attack.

And it’s definitelt not a bad change unless you were stuck in your ways.

It does however mean that castles being defended can be more costly and you may need to attack more to compensate. Which means troops are burned quicker

I personally feeling lost as well
After raiding someone I got a msg that they gonna “take all our castles” of course classy “call X “ and attack my team with 160 teams alliance
It looks really terrible
I’m feeling like we should stop doing GP raids on alive teams and try to get GP at Alligane
I’m feeling threatened a lot


Well, judging by the rampant misspellings, semi-incoherent ravings, and overall distemper, I’d say this fellow would probably be unable to spell "cat’ even if I spotted him the “c” and the “a”, so I doubt he can even count to 160.


I think he means that ASIDE FROM HIS ATTACK THAT WENT THROUGH SUCCESSFULLY, any remaining troops aren’t lost because after his attack he dumps from his primarch to his other one so anyone who started their attack can’t kill the rest of his/her troops.

Which if it isn’t patched already needs to be. I do think Echo is aware of it too.


Wasn’t easy to suss out, but that’s how I read it as well.

And I agree this needs to be patched as soon as practicable.


Oh that. Yeah makes sense.

I don’t think the moving troops thing is so easy to fix. To make troop quantity a property of a primarch instead of a slot its probably significant architectural change.

I thought they already disabled the ability to move troops when under attack but obviously I’m wrong. Haven’t tried though as by the time I get past the lag to move prime, move troops, the attack is over… :rofl:

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They did add something like that. There are actually a number of things added, but I think it still happens.

Probably due to lag.

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Probably. I got attacked after I left no mans land the other day (30-60s range). I had just given up after pressing the attack button for a couple minutes on 3 seperate targets and moved back to safe zone. 30s or so later I get defense banner that one still processed. I had another one that occured like that where I lost no troops.

Yeah well for those of us who don’t have time to stalk atlas all day for perfect situations you can expect to look like a minority. The atlas change was necessary. I lost a ton of troops. I have none now and still dont have malus. Also lag sucks… game crashes and other random errors and some blackscreens still linger.

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I’m highly skeptical that this is intended functionality. Has PG ever said they intend it as a “defense mechanism” to be able to dodge losses this way? Your lumber amount doesn’t affect the outcome of the battle, but your troops do, so it’s not quite the same.

Like I said, if you’re comfortable with it, feel free to continue to exploit it, but I view it as exactly that… An exploit.