The pits epic fail

Bit hard to battle the pits when you get the players you’re attacking have left the team or just cycles through load screens then back to the main menu

Hey Brad welcome back to the forums.

Instead of a generic title you may get better hits and responses if you used a descriptive title such as “Fight Pits - Can’t attack banned/inactive players”

So what type of players are you seeing that you can’t attack? Can you find them in the league and attack them there? Does it come up with the banned/inactive banner or can you see a level 1 empty base?

The more info the better :slight_smile:

Currently on vacation so resting in silver. Most of the players I attack merely return me to the event screen. After exiting the event screen, I see the Cannot attack player popup. We’ve got at least one team in the top pit that nobody can attack a single member of. On others, I’ve had to search through ten or more player before finding one I can hit.

At a minimum, a team should not be promoted if nobody on the team has even done an attack.

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