The Pokémon Breeding Plan

Simply put, this plan involves getting every dragon. All you need to do is breed whatever the game says is “Ready to breed!”.


  • You will get every dragon and not feel like you’re missing out
  • There will be no blank spaces in your breeding castle (except divines and ones you buy with gems, just don’t look at those)
  • Your OCD completionist personality will be satisfied and you can sleep soundly at night


  • You will waste a bazillion egg tokens
  • Maybe even a gazillion
  • You will be so weak for your level you will be a laughing stock in any competitive team unless you are going to sit out about 10 fort events

Why is this plan better than others?
It isn’t. In any way. In any universe. This plan is only for complete noobs and stubborn AF personalities. Or people with large wallets that can afford to throw breeding tokens away senselessly.

Already unknowingly on the Pokémon plan? Get out. Get out now.

Please look here:


I want to be the very best
Like no one ever was
It got harder than I guessed
With all these complex training laws
I will travel across one town
Hatching a thousand eggs
For that perfect dragon
I’ve been hatching eggs for days

War dragons
Grinding to the max
(For my perfect team)
Please have mythic runes for me
War dragons
Oh, this never ends
Why don’t they have a defense
War dragons
Grinding to the max
(So much to do)
Which items should I use
There’s extra spells, and attack boosts
War dragons
Grinding to the max
Grinding TO the max!
War Dragons!

I’m out of ideas for now, but not bad for a pokemon parody


LOL wkwkwk :laughing::laughing::laughing:

And I’m thinking to get Khrysos and Sekoronos, since I haven’t been able to get another Sek yet…

backbreed. :roll_eyes:
otherwise stupidity alert

What’s this thread about?? :roll_eyes:

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What are we staring at lads

Joins the queue


What :roll_eyes:

How come a breeding topic becomes a staring topic?

This was, is, the only mobile multiplayer game I’ve ever been involved with. When I started 2+ years ago I literally didn’t have a clue, was amazed (blinded?) by the graphics. After getting to a level where I qualified to join a team I adopted their efforts. Get this: Got each dragon in sequence, expert it, then move to the next (oh, yes, I started out as a spender and I think maybe Carsis was my first “purchased” dragon). It wasn’t until 9 months later when I joined a different team did I realize how ignorant I was!

Learned of Superman’s breeding path, about how valuable the forums were, and later Red’s, Never dreamed online gaming was so popular.

There has to be a better way to notify new players from inside the game of information they must read ASAP. Maybe in the preamble after getting their first dragon that requires them to enter an email and password (which right there and then gives them the ability to retrieve their account) that then takes them directly to the forum page for Strategies where the most important information exists.

I try to do what I can from within Gold (now Silver) league where I rest my Alt. Figure if I can stop newbies from building long bases with level 6-10 towers it will be a lot cheaper for them in the long run. I tell them if they plan on staying with this game they need to get into the forums read up on the breeding paths and base design. So far most (like me back then) don’t understand the importance of accessing the forums.

Then again, if they accessed the forums too soon and read about all the issues, they might head for the hills.:joy:

The player base has done an order of magnitude more in educating the players than PG, which is sad.


Does anyone have information on how to get the breedable divines? Like Droyeuse and Dimachaerus, etc.

No more available…
Unless you have it’s parent, which is limited divine (not available anymore…)

I’d be interested to see a chart that includes the breedable Devine’s with their parents. Just for curiosity sake. Is there such a chart out there?

I can make one for you if you want, but it’d be pointless. Only the Dodo’s come around anymore. Dima, Meridian, etc are all locked.

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Thanks but dont go out of your way. I figured it probably existed already. If it doesn’t, and you cant get them anymore anyway, then there is really no point as you say.

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