The possible future for PG and war dragons

I recently took a break from playing the game , dropped out of my team and ended up in bronze. Which I have to admit is utterly DEAD. At one stage bronze use to be teaming with life , granted not as busy as gold sapphire ect but it still had some life in it. Well I have to be totally honest here.

With PG constantly releasing newer seasonal dragons just to please the top end ( higher level players … end game content ) they are slowly killing the game , making any potential new starter to the game take one look at what they WILL NEVER be able to obtain let alone achieve. So what do they do … they delete the game and walk away. I know as I have spoken to a handful that were left in bronze and majority have given up. If there is nothing for new player s to aim for then what’s exactly is there left for the future of game??? It will turn stale . Basically we are all just chasing our tails . Alas I will probably be flammed for this , I have so much more to say yet what is the point … PG don’t give a dam as long as people keep pouring cash into the game. Problem is what happens when there are no new players and the existing players in gold go the same way as bronze … what’s then???

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I’m sorry, I can’t help but laugh that you’d form your opinions about the game in bronze league. Go to a high gold (low gold is the vacation tiers) or low plat team.

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That’s is my point … what happens when there is NO MORE BRONZE ??? … No new players joining the game … what then ??? Does GOLD become the NEW BRONZE and the prizes ect all become less?? Man there’s is no educating some people really.

I don’t know when you started playing but I started about 2 years ago and I literally spent 1 day in bronze and moved straight to Gold immediately. Gold is the real bedrock of this game.


I think it all depends on what you are willing to play.
I’am a non spender player (only Elite account) and I started to play when Anuba was released (october 2017).
Since then I’ve seen a new tier coming, 3 seasons, sapphire league, just introduced into Atlas, progressed to level 102 and about to hatch legendary platinum dragons.
I like this game for offering something else far away form me. I can keep growing and breeding for a lot more, I am nowhere near endgame and i like it!

I had other games where you can progress really quick and when i get to the endgame i get bored waiting for new stuff and when I got it, it was to do nothing more.

So, from my point of view, I like this game and the new stuff that is coming every season.

Some players won’t like to have to grind, level up slowly, access to new content only in major leagues, etc… but the problem is what that player likes to play, not the game itself.

Meh I have to disagree… I and most of my team started playing late last summer… one of the things we love about this game is you can fully play in every aspect no matter your level … who worries about end game content when you’re just starting?? We were just excited to get kinnarus and to have something new to work towards the next season… this game has many issues but I don’t think that’s one of them… more likely it’s that they’re in BRONZE where nothing happens…teams are dead … if we’d stayed there then we probably would’ve gotten bored and quit but we quickly realized that we could move up hence more activity within leagues so kept us engaged… also if you’re on a dead team well whats going to keep you going??

The real problem comes when you run headlong into the sapphire wall, and all the walls following it :expressionless:

Game progression up until that point is fairly well balanced. I wish you luck with that. Aside from new players leaving, I think the sapphire wall is where the game loses a fair number of players. People just give up the struggle to get new dragons when they are still the cost of top tier beasts, even though they are now several tiers removed from the end game content.

I wish you luck with these walls. I’m still struggling through them myself.

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Bronze is the inactive tier. I don’t know when you started but in the year and a half that I’ve been playing, it’s always been that way. Gold is where you first see signs of life and gameplay.

Hence why I asked what happens when PG finally wake up to the reality that bronze is DEAD WEIGHT and decide to remove it???

I feel u on the wall. Somedays you log on and think why lol. Other days you seem to think sod it I’ll climb the wall lmao

In my case, it’s more, “will I fly someone besides Lord Ember today?” :laughing: Although I am doing Fomhar’s multiplier runs… he’s still not caught up to my other dragons.

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Why? What purpose would that do? Is it causing them problems? That’s cute that you think it’s this massive problem that pg is hellbent on doing something about, but there’s honestly a plethora of legitimate problems they’re focusing on.

Dooooo it, he’s so much fun!

Forgive me , think I have had one to many smokes and brain is working overtime

Heck I had 1 or 2 weeks of fun in bronze just grasping the game. Then 2 months on gold where I just “had to do wars” :smirk: and learnt about seasons. Then in platinum learnt what wars are about. Since I’m in sapphire there isn’t just any comparison 🤷

There are teams in gold with autoaccept I believe. Apply and enjoy :sunglasses:

I hate it when I mistime entrap and nothing happens. Screws up my run big time :joy:


Shifting sands

It took me a month or so as a new player to realise that gold wasn’t some exalted tier I should spend a year working towards, but something I can join in straight away. I spent some time not really knowing about the team aspect until I got an invite to a gold team.

I’m not sure how, but it could help if it would be a little clearer which level of team you can reasonably expect to join as a beginner.

Blowing winds…

i regret my first 4 weeks in silver league even now. Had lasting effects on my base :frowning: