The price of Rubies in the resources


As I compare the prices, of the rubies, from “resources” to the price from the “packs and prizes” I noticed how uneven they were.
I contacted War Dragons, and asked if they could make the amount of rubies in the “resources” more competitive with the rubies you get in “packs and prizes”.
How many of you would like to see the amount of rubies in the “resources” increased?
War Dragons told me the more positive responses I get the more it is likely they will change the amount of rubies in the “resources”.


I would definitely like more rubies,I was thinking tb e same thing.


Definetly,would be a great improvement.
Sometimes it drops 400 rubies


Thank you for the positive response


The first time I looked at the rubies in the “resources” I laughed, because why would I spend 50$ for 5800 rubies when I could get 12,700 rubies with “packs and prizes”.


They list it for these prices so that they can offer the banner “68% off” or “72% off” to make it seem like they are offering a better deal on these value packs to new players. It’s purely a marketing gimick :+1:


They could do the same with the rubies. Get 18,000 rubies for a discounted price of 49$.


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