The purpose of the treasur hunt


I thought the hole purpose of the treasure hunt was to get ready for battle. What good are timers when you don’t have inner fires or energies to battle. Where are we supposed get the energies and inner fires?


I do agree with you, I opened 30 bronze chests, and got one inner fire. It is frustrating when you don’t see them.


Lol. I can tell you but you won’t like my answer :joy:


hey but I got a bunch of black pearls from gold chests. Would be nice if those had been inner fire or energy packs.


The gold chest lottery, of course. Good luck!


Good point though. Would make a great change to have the treasure hunt phase dropping event items from the towers alongside chests.


Chest drops have been horrible for a long time… pg don’t care pg don’t give a sh*t


The more people chime in, the more of a problem they will realize is going on. They plan on changing the swap button, because of the amount of people that protested.


Who wouldn’t like bronze chests to drop more inner fires/energy packs? TBH, I wish the ratio was a bit higher on bronze chests during this event (or similar events) to gain an inner fire or energy pack.


Changing the swap button is so irrelevant to this. There’s no reason for them to not fix the swap button unless they hate everybody. Inner fire and energy they want people to pay for.


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