The Real Kullecid (How to Fly Kullecid)

Now that the OP imposter has been dealt with (I have a tribute video on my channel too for those who are interested), here is a preliminary video of the Kullecid with the 1 second Blood Mist cooldown.

I know a lot of people are interested in whether or both he is still a good dragon so I wanted to get this info out there in a rush, but I will make another (hopefully better) video later when I have had time to practice more.

He is still a solid dragon, but requires precise timing and keeping track of multiple variables (spells/towers). Hope this helps!

Edit to add Vid #2: couple hits on (undefended) bases 3-4 tiers up, as well as some specific techniques and strategies I have so far been working on. Undefended videos hopefully to come later!

Edit to add defended footage at Garnet:


Another couple great videos from @Burger at higher tier!


:eyes: Great video but I’m moving the thread to the Guides & Resources section of the forums, since the video is more of a guide on how to fly the dragon with these changes than a question on how to fly it :upside_down_face:


Great guide on Kullecid! Amazing job! :smiley:


Great video!


Nice work! :+1:t2:

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will the real kullecid please stand up…


If you flew Sakura it’s the same concept

Sakura doesn’t have a cool down but has a rage cost. Very different.


Yes Sakura has a cool down if you let that spell complete but you would know that if you had her

Easy on the tone please.

It is pretty easy to see in what case Chillz meant where Sakura doesn’t have a cd. It’s the same scenario where kull has a cd. And if they both let their cloak run to full, then they both have a dps duration.


What could be causing a delay in the cool-down? Yours seems to have a 1 second cool-down roughly, but mine goes 99% of a full cool-down, the spell then grays out before fully re counting down a second time before it’s finally useable again. All in all, it takes about 4 to 5 seconds to re use Bloodmist…that can’t be right? Can it?

Am I missing something?

you’re waiting for the full length of bloodmist.

that’s why.

you use bloodmist just to avoid being hit, then attack right again so it cancels off.

bloodmist -> wait for it to wear off -> attack (this is what you’re doing to get that longass cd)

bloodmist -> start attacking right away (this is what you should be doing)


So basically waiting it out for breath dmg boost kinda screws ya? It’s meant to be spammed and the cooldown will be shorter? I’d just figured it’s a universal 1 second…Thanks for clarifications

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In most situations (in my opinion) yes.

You have 2 options with Blood mist.

  1. Cancel early (what you see me doing): if you cancel out I’d blood mist before the 2 second cloak duration ends (by attacking or using a spell), then you start the spells 1 second cooldown right away.
  2. Damage boost: if you let the cloak complete the full 2 seconds, it will give you the 4 second damage boost, THEN followed by the 1 second cooldown (5 seconds between cloaks). This is rarely ideal in my opinion.

In order to dodge consecutive flak shots (if the attack speed is slow enough), you must cancel cloak immediately to start the 1 second cooldown to cloak again between flak shots. Otherwise you’ll get hit. This looks more like continued regular attacks without stopping, and then intermittently tapping bloodmist to blink but not let yourself remain cloaked.


I think pretty much only when one full burst of boosted damage will allow you to kill all the remaining towers on an island.


Thanks for the detailed explanation. After watching your vids and playing with mine (baby orange tier atm) I’ve gotten the hang of his blood mist, I appreciate it, I was so confused at first​:sweat_smile::joy:

Thanks again, and keep it up with the awesome info!


Happy birthday!

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An add to @Shivenzo video on how to fly kullecid :


That music is very relaxing, what is it?

Also, sorry if I missed it, but what does your F1/F2 terminology mean?

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flannel 1 and 2… the ones above diamond league

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