The real PG on tickets


Ok I haven’t seen no other post on this and to my surprise I was able to get on forums since I was told I’d have to wait 30 days lol … but to the point… so I kept my word waited b4 I bought anything on wd… my game had actually had some improvement so pvp event started I decided ok… I’ll buy a pack… well boy do I regret that now… I bought it and it kicked back with sync error… saying pg is trying to sync with their server and my game reloads and my purchase wasn’t on my account so… I go threw normal crap b4 I do ticket well I talk to mark first from pg and he said he did something to my account to fix it to restart and should be good so I did… guess what??? Didn’t work then I email back with screenshot of my purchase he then said there is nothing else he can do that it takes 24 to 48 hrs for packs to go on accounts completely bs so made new ticket sent screenshots etc… I must say seems they are not acknowledging that its telling me it’s a sync error but whatever here’s my last email from pg I have to say if I get screwed out of money bc of this … it will do it for me and I’ll say goodbye to pg and wd bc this is completely bs


The easiest way to fix this is delete the app and reinstall it and sign back into your account


I already did 3x


A lot of times, trying to repurchase the pack credits it to you, without charging you again.


In the case of money, I would ask them to escalate it to @PGJared or @PGEggToken


I’ve had similiar problems like this before, the problem lays at Google’s end not PG. Basically you can see Google as a sort of middle men, they receive your cash and try to redirect it to PG, but when there is a slight server delay it will causing the payment to not register and it bounces back. Mostly the money get refunded within a few days by Google.


If you provide a ticket number, we can look into it.


PM Arelyna, she fixed my stuff for me before :relieved:


So @XSusiedX cant get back on forums again, so she asked me to talk on her behalf


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