The real reason we hate feeder


Imagine waking up in the morning and opening WD to find out that all of your food had been stolen as you were all cuddled up with woobie last night. Revenge must be had you exclaim; however, as you reveiw your ledger, you slowly begin to realize they have used every piece of food they had stolen.

So you turn to the attack menu searching for fresh meat. Page, after page, after page, after page, after page, after page you scroll, until atlast, there it is. You see 180k food, awaiting your pillage.

You check the base, to find nobody is online, so you go to your stable to awaken your beast. You awaken Turdburgular (yes, that’s his name, because he steals poopie) from his slumber and ask him if he is hungry on this brisk morning. He grumbles that he is not in the mood for your shenanigans, yet you ensure him that there is food to be had. “They will just dump it as we attack them,” he exclaims. But you reassure him that nobody is home, “This will be a walk in the park,” you mutter with agrin. He agrees, and roars to life, ready for the battle ahead.

You select attack and begin your quest for food. A defender joins, and then another. Turdburgular moans, as he knows this will no longer be the stroll he had been promised. As you soar into the turn of the kill island, you watch as it rains attack and health boosts from the heavens, each tower glowing with anticipation. Suddenly, fire bellows from the belly of Turdburglar as he slings his fury at every tower in sight. The battlefield glows with fire and flames, as shrapnel clouds the skies. Turdburgular is giving them everything he has, he has destroyed each tower, yet he has only one shot left. He is hurt, he is bleeding, he is blinking red. He fires his last shot at the drogon pearched high above, but is caught, by the return fire. They both fall in from the skies, knowing they have given their all to take/protect the 180k food, that awaits the victor.

Now I must awaken another beast to fulful this mission for the 180k, but now it must be shared with at least one other dragon. So you summon the finisher. You awaken the old faithful. The one dragon who you can always count on to finish up the leftovers, Ember. And in typical form, he makes a clean sweep of what remains without breaking a sweat. You and your beasts have done it. You have conquered the highly defended, yet owner not online base.

You anxiously wait for your reward to flash upon the screen, but you are sadly disappointed. You and your battled dragons have gotten the big goose egg. Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nadda. You stare in dismay. This is not possible. I checked. It was there. They were not online. I destroyed 100%. It must be a glitch. But then you sadly realize it isn’t a glitch, as it happens again, and again, and again, and again.

This is why we hate feeding. Stop showing us there is food to be had, if there truly isn’t. Once we’ve locked it in, and have begun the attack, that should be the guaranteed reward. Just my two cents.


Good points and I agree…but omg please learn to paragraph


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One thing different from previous feeding is
I don’t need to worry about small food at a time.

Haku is one kind of blessing, allowing me to save up thousands of timer, and hours in front of the forge.


android users cant even revenge lol :joy::joy: , we can see only last attack .


I thought it was only me who experience this thing.


Buildings being repaired (by repair hammers being dropped) consume resources, simple as


Many apologies.


Yes this is real pain in the butt.

My question is does anyone else have the issue when you wake and your base has been hit let’s say 2 hours before. You check your mill or farms that should be producing lets say 200k plus per hour during feed event and you only get 32k in each farm?

Why are they not filling back up as I was hit 2 hours before according to my logs?

Is there something that says we have to log in and then they start to work properly again? I honestly don’t understand this.


Awesom :slight_smile: thanks for fixing

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Maybe I should have asked are the mills and farms productions on a diminishing returns until you log in for the day?


I woke up 2 minutes after the attack went right back after him got 0 outa 235k i lost lol


Could be delayed attack notifications? I have noticed this past week or so it takes 20-30 minutes for my base to show it has been attacked. Very confusing when your base suddenly starts rebuilding from an attack you defended ages ago.


I thought the real reason was there is no mythic glyph :broken_heart:


I hate this stupid event. It crippled your dragons. All your dragons sitting in the F’in Den waiting to be fed. This event is a waste of time for players imo. Let not for get after feeding it’s breeding and you’re still struggling for food to feed the babies. And It’s totally opposite I’m always hungry after sex not the other way around. Give us something else.

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Worst event ever. Needs to be replaced imo


LoL , you believe don’t you? That you are the only one who sees that bounty ?:rofl:


Nice​:rofl::grin: so well written. I enjoyed your brazen take of Turdburglers adventure on the quest to find food. It was a sad ending not only was he killed by a last blowing shot from the dragon on the perch but than denied the food promised him. I hope the next battle he found with you was more profitable for Turdburglar . See you in the skies .:grin::upside_down_face::blush:

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Perhaps we can close this thread now @moderators maybe

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Close this topic only after they decided to abandon the feeder event :+1::+1: