The Renaissance of the Dragon Lord Spotlights

I think it’s about time the concept of Dragon Lord Spotlights be revisited.

A pillar of this community, and an influential member of the Creators Faction, @LaikaDream took a stellar stab at reinvigorating the concept through her Twitch channel. She’s done a magnificent job touching base with this, and as such, she deserves her accolades for her effort and dogged determination in putting it all together.

This process brought forth by Laika was actually a rebirth of an older, much similar concept regulated by former Community Managers Crisis and Arelyna, both having resigned quite a while ago.

The concept of Dragon Lord Spotlights was ideal in that it allowed players the opportunity to introduce themselves and show the aspects that constituted how they performed in-game, or contributed to their disposition toward the game in general. In this process, other players could glean a great deal of tips and pointers to incorporate into their own experiences, as well as learn of how their dragon-flying peers came to be.

Keeping Laika’s ongoing procedure in mind, I was thinking that while she maintained that itinerary as best as she could, there may perchance be a way that the former approach (a public forum post) could make a return. That approach and Laika’s approach could join together; the synergy in this collaboration would be that the player gets highlighted spotlighted by way of two different mediums: a forum thread open to continuous interaction from a much larger, progressing community, and a momentary stream (which may be optional, hence the offering of a forum thread) where the voice is the mark of insight (arguably with much more impact). The player in question may even earn a spot on the War Dragons blog, but only at the discretion of the player.

In keeping with the olden ways, a certain PG representative, different faction member, or random community member might be willing to rise to take the position of publishing the forum post. The interviewee would have to audit it first, though, to ensure that the contents are consistent with what he or she wants presented. Included in the forum post, there could be a link directing other players to the livestream over on Twitch. This way, they get the best of both worlds; however, there doesn’t have to be both a forum/blog post and a stream every time. There could also be an in-game email sent out to notify unwary players of any upcoming spotlight streams, blog posts, and/or forum threads. Then, it gets pushed out to a broader audience.

Laika’s official forum thread for this particular matter can be found here. This is where players are nominated for participation in a spotlight stream on Laika’s Twitch channel.

Some incredible examples of previous spotlights posted on the forums and in blogs include those of:

… among others.

While it is not my intention to speak ill of nor invalidate Laika’s profound job at restoring this concept (thank you for taking that initiative, Laika; much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:), I feel that if something of the old caliber could be returned in combination with the current tactic, there would be a lot to grab from the table. It would be a nice connective experience for the community, and lots of enjoyment could be had from it. Most importantly, there would be more opportunities for players to shine, and for that shine to be inherited by the next generation.

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I would be terrible for this :sleeping:

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If someone is already doing this, like Laika, shy would we want to take content from her? Just a question.


We’re not taking it away; we’re adding to it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I find it much more interesting to watch Laika’s videos-- hearing and/or seeing someone; ascertaining their inflection and tone.

And, I think she does a fabulous job at being a conversationalist. We get game and usually some fun facts.

I don’t really feel the need to have a written, boring version on the forums, personally. Seems like we’d be taking steps backward instead of being innovative, as she has.


Streams are way more personalized as they’re ‘live time’

I echo others here

Streams are also a lot more… controlled? In the sense that they won’t go to :poop: due to people not being able to be decent human beings like what happens on the forums.

Laika does an absolutely incredible job hosting those streams, I imagine this might be a bit of a slap in the face, which isn’t fair…


Laika is doing a absolutely incredible job with her streams and her beautiful personality - she is one the nicest person I’ve ever met. Even if you’re a person, which isn’t comfortable in english like me it is a lot of fun to stream with her, because she and her community giving you safe feeling. I think the current format is perfect as it is.

I wouldn’t be interested to put a forum thread about the stream in here…because ppl like to tend to destroy the spirit of whole thing. :unamused:


Even though this was not the intention, as I’m sure I made clear, yeah, you’re probably right about this.

This is another good point that both of you made. The more modern form of the forums are not in any way similar to how they were years ago when this concept first started (the tone has been pretty consistent; it’s just gotten worse over time, and some browsing will reflect this), so that’s definitely a setback.

I’ve decided to retract my suggestion. @moderators this thread can be closed now, please. :slightly_smiling_face:

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