The rest of the world for events

Hello PG.
I know you’re based in America but I think it might be nice to maybe release an event once in a while where your fellow player’s in different parts of the world have an advantage.
Sometimes when you release events like Fortification it is at a time when we are asleep and can’t participate but your American players get the upper hand.
I know you have to do your test to make sure the event runs smoothly before you release it, I have no problem with that.
It seems to me that your given the rest of us the flipped middle finger.
There is nothing worse than waking up and logging on and finding all your hard earned resources taken, and then take days to scrounge what you can.
Yes I know that I sound whiny with it’s not fair…
Blah blah blah.
All I’m asking is for once in a while give your global players an upper hand. Nothing more and nothing less.

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This is brought up almost every fortification event…lol. It isn’t possible since War Dragons doesn’t use regional servers/events and resources are raidable. If they would allow players to forge wood packs this might be less of an issue, since you could stockpile then.

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The sole reason for events starting at a good time is so that PG has a good number of people on the office to handle issues. Events start after lunch for them. If they started later they likely wouldn’t have enough people in. People always say “do it in the morning” but I bet 90% that’s when they are finishing things up and doing whatever they have to in order to prep the event.

Disclaimer: yes I have non-US members on my team. A lot of them actually.


I hear what your saying @TheRedDelilah but all I’m asking for a once in the blue moon when non American players get the upper hand. If pg has the event running on their test servers why not release the event at a different time. Then the American players can get a glimpse of how the rest of us feel.

By the way, today’s start time was way faster than previously. Perhaps PG just had an early party for launching Chunky?

So you’re saying launch an event to the mass community at a non-ideal time for the developers/engineers?

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I’m a non US player, and I have quite the advantage(?) The event was started around 4 am.
Just match your wake up /sleep time then, or hunt later. Plenty of wood is out there, waiting for your dragon :grin:

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It started around 4pm in my time zone. I worked until 4:30 today, and didn’t get home till closer to 5. Not exactly an “advantage” here.

No matter when the event starts, it will be advantageous to a few and disappointing for most.


Ummm yeah PG, I’m gonna need you to work at 1AM for a few events, and make sure to have those TPS reports done first. K, thanks.


They’ve done it before, one time… believe it or not, their staff need sleep as well

Not if they hire more staff how do u think other businesses are open 24 hours zoinks

Wait they don’t have people who man their servers 24/7,or devs on call in case something bad happens? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Just look at the response of the CS staffs. They need to play this game more for sure!

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They can at least let us know when it is starting, so I can arrange to be on at 4 am.

Usually between 1 PM and 4 PM PST. It’s not the same (in fact, this event is faster than usual for me)

Yeah, but that is always middle of night for me.
Why can’t there be a timer, like with wars.

That way I would at least know what time to be awake.


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Team starts at 2-4 am for me and its almost impossible for me to wake up in that period.
So my teammates are generous enough to help me.


:man_shrugging: Americans are usually sleep when it starts for you means you can hunt there pretty pages

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