The Return of Dungeons!

Starting next Monday 11/18 at 10:30 AM PST and running until 11/20 at 6:00 PM, there will be two Dungeons available for all players level 12 and up.

We’ve iterated on a great deal since we first debuted the new map of Wraithfire Keep and the Dungeon event, based on all of your excellent and extensive feedback. We’d therefore like to share out our changes beforehand. First up we’ve removed the level requirements from all tiers and we’ve smoothed out the camera movements on the map itself for a more pleasant flying experience.

Next up we’ve reworked the rewards for your effort delving into Dungeons. Specifically the Dark Dungeon will reward either Dark Crafting Shards, Ice Crafting Shards, Black Pearls, or timer Speedups for each successful attack. We’ve substantially increased the amount of Black Pearls, with Tier 1 rewarding between 30-50 and Tier 20 rewarding between 600-1000. Meanwhile the Fire Dungeon, available at the same time, will reward Fire Crafting Shards, Earth Crafting Shards, Speedups, and Elemental Embers. Embers range from 19-31 at tier 1 and 372-620 at tier 20. We have slightly decreased the amount of shards rewarded per run since now you can better target which element you wish to find instead of getting 1 out of 5 at random.

Other changes include increasing the challenge of the bases of most tiers based on feedback, especially tier 10 and up, the key refill amount is now 1000 rubies instead of 800 to account for the reward changes, and we’ll be giving all players an extra Key Pack with 40 keys at the start of the event. This will allow any player with strong enough dragons to make it all the way to Tier 20 of one Dungeon, or let people make progress down both Dungeons if they so choose. Finally, we’ve increased the amount of damage the boss towers can take from a single source, and removed the self-healing from the Archer Boss so overall those types of towers should be more fun to face and destroy now while still posing a challenge.

Please keep in mind that Dungeons are a feature we’d like to continue improving and changing, so our tentative plan I’m about to describe is very much subject to change! We’d like to eventually to make them a weekly rotating part of the game, with a different elemental dungeon each week and your tier progress saved each time the Fire Dungeon comes back around for example. First however we’ll run these two Dungeons and gather more feedback. With everyone’s thoughts and help we can really make new parts of War Dragons shine, so please check out the Dungeon event next Monday and let us know your feedback. Thanks!


Will there be portraits for clearing the lv 10 and 20 bases again?
Will it be solo again or will players be able to get backup from team mates?


Good questions. There will not be portraits for this run of Dungeons and yup it’ll be solo again.


Will there be portraits for future dungeons?

How about instead of portraits maybe we could get some chisels for clearing the two boss dungeons? That way there’s a special reward but the art team doesnt have to keep making new portraits


Hmmm I expected more embers , while pearls seem fine to me

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Will the rate of key generation be increased? Waiting 6+ hours to do a single 2-minute run is a bit overkill. And at 1000 rubies per key pack, rubies are probably better-spent on things like gold chests than on Dungeons.

That said, having them weekly does sound nice, if only you could incorporate Assault in there and do Assault/Dungeon/Assault/Dungeon.


I can’t play dungeon…graphic not great for motion sickness :nauseated_face:


Can we expect 5.09 to go live before Monday since the dragon flight speed is screewed since 5.07 ?

And what about key regen ? Cz 1h for each key is a bit too long




Possibly, though it’d take some additional figuring out if Dungeons became a weekly occurrence. Either way I’ve made special note of the insatiable demand for portraits.

For the other questions we did make changes specifically to combat the motion sickness on the new map so hopefully that is either gone or much reduced now, and keys still refresh 1 per hour for this event.


Your hilarious thinking that means anything.

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I can’t wait for the return of dungeons. The bugs that don’t let me play the game normally let me run through dungeons so easily that I’m nervous I’ll be accused of cheating.

have you also increased timers? or only black perls and embers?

do you have motion sickness? because that “:point_up:” does not mean anything to me :man_shrugging:


i have motion sickness and the movement triggers my migraine also.
not complaining, it is just not a pleasant experince to fly dungeons for me :woman_shrugging:t2:

but i still do them :sweat_smile: just once at a time


I might try it again when it comes next time and see if the changes make it any better, but I am very doubtful :nauseated_face:

You’re complaining about something they have actually made changes to fix, and then you declare it didn’t work before you even see it. I think your problem is more of a serial whiner issue then, and that’s not something PG or anyone here can fix for you.


With this I personally noticed the difficulty quite fair and teammates topping out at certain tiers felt fair too.

With this I ask was gear a factor in this decision? As low/mid grade gear is what I’m basing the above on.

Last running had low/mid gear range a fair challenge. With raising the difficulty I suspect it will now be an above fairly difficult challenge.

PS. Neither I nor teammates could complete the highest tier available to our level, this is what I see as fair challenge.