The Rise Of The Corrupted


A twisted curse of corruption born from the battles in the Stygian Glaze has begun to spread. The northern barrier to the Void dimension had gone unchecked for too long. During the battles of Dreadfrost, the barrier fell and now the Void’s influence pours out across the land, infecting and enslaving dragons. Even the very trees are showing infestation and corruption as worm-like growths erupt from them.

Some of the dragons have fallen to the Void’s influence and show signs of corruption and infestation. The others are champions fighting back against their old friends and the Void’s corruption. Can you vanquish the dark influence of the Void? Or will all be corrupted?

Corruption Season Updates

Key Highlights

  • 1 Legendary Discount Dragon
  • 3 Mythics, each of which can be ascended using 8 Corruption Ascension Tokens
  • Season Leaderboard and new Division Leaderboards
  • Ascendant Gear and Relics launching

Release Breakdown (release schedule is subject to change)

Wave 1

  • 3/1/23: Interitus Branch (Mythic Dragon) - Cost: 20 Season Keys/Rewards: Evolution Stones up to Tier 22 + Ascension Skin
  • 3/1/23: Valenor Branch (Mythic Dragon) - Cost: 20 Season Keys/Rewards: Evolution Stones up to Tier 22 + Ascension Skin
  • 3/1/23: Fergaax Branch (Mythic Dragon) - Cost: 20 Season Keys/Rewards: Evolution Stones up to Tier 22 + Ascension Skin
  • 3/1/23: Cleillis Branch (Discount Legendary Dragon) - Cost: 19.5k Sigils/Rewards with discount: 6 Season Keys)
  • 3/1/23: Charged Volt Tower Branch + Orrery Branch
  • 3/1/23: Base Boost (19.5k Sigils with discount) and Mission Bonus Branch
  • 3/8/23: Ascendant Gear Sneak Peek
  • 3/8/23: Trading Post
  • 3/8/23: Limited Time Branch 1

Wave 1.5

  • 3/15/23: Champion Rider Branch
  • 3/15/23: Relics Launch
  • 3/15/23: Tower Levels 158-160
  • 3/22/23 Limited Time Branch 2
  • 3/22/23: Trading Post

Wave 2

  • 3/29/23: Resurrection Dragon Branch - Cost: 39k Sigils/Rewards: 6 Season Keys
  • 3/29/23: Radiant Research
  • 4/5/23 Limited Time Branch 3

Wave 2.5

  • 4/12/23: Spell Rider Branch - Cost: 39k Sigils/Rewards: 6 Season Keys
  • 4/12/23: Oculus Tower Branch
  • 4/19/23: Trading Post
  • 4/19/23: Limited Time Branch 4
  • 4/26/23: Mythic Wrath Dragons

Wave 3

  • 5/3/23: Festive Dragon Branch - Cost: 18.5k Sigils/Rewards: 3 Season Keys (Festive fragments in Draconic Chest)
  • 5/10/23: Tower levels 161-162
  • 5/10/23: Limited Time Branch 5
  • 5/17/23: Trading Post
  • 5/24/23: Limited Time Branch 6

Cleillis - Source of the Cure
The cure to the Voidtouch is found in its waters.

Legendary Ice Sorcerer

  • CLEANSING WATERS - Active | White | 1 Rage
    Immune to all incoming damage and supershot for duration. Marks nearby towers after duration. Each marked tower gives (0.15) health when destroyed. Duration: 4s, Cooldown: 3s.

  • AWASH - Active | White | 1 Rage
    Damages (22)% Dragon HP to target radius and stuns towers until they take damage. Duration: N/A, Cooldown: N/A.

  • ENDURING SPIRIT - Active | Blue
    Spends (12)% of dragon’s modified HP to recover (2) rage. Duration: 1s.

  • ELEMENTAL RESIST - Passive | Yellow
    Reduce damage taken from All Elemental Towers by (50)%. Elemental attacks include Elemental Flaks, lightning towers, storm towers, Crystal Howitzer, Drakul Pylon, Ice and Fire Turret.

Runes and Glyphs


Cleillis Rider Portrait

Design Intent and Strategy:

Cleillis is a water sorcerer who uses its water to treat infected dragons. Cleillis’ main offensive attack is Awash, which deals high damage to all towers in a large area and stuns them until they are hit by another attack. Using this attack multiple times allows Cleillis to disable most of an island.

For defense, Cleillis can cast Cleansing Waters, which grants her an invulnerable shield for a short period of time. After the duration ends, the shield will mark nearby towers, which grant health to any dragon that destroys them, be it Cleillis or her allies.

To fuel her spells Cleillis harnesses her Enduring Spirit. When cast, Cleillis will take some damage in exchange for rage. By calmly and strategically approaching an attack, even Cleillis is able to turn the tide in the battle with the void.

Interitus - The First Sworn
Flesh is a small price for power.

Mythic Dark Sorcerer


  • CORRUPT SERVANT - Passive | Yellow
    Passively summons a Warrior dragon that has (500)% of dragons HP as health and (1.8)% of dragon’s HP as attack damage. Increases rage by 75%. Absorbs (50)% of damage received (Which appears as healing on hp bar).

  • SHADOW BALL - Active | White | 1 Rage
    Damages towers in small target area for (30) times the dragon’s attack power. Heals the dragon from (8%) of its Modified Max HP on cast. Cooldown: 2s.

  • DARK LIGHTNING - Active | White | 2 Rage
    Damages target tower for (20)% of dragon’s modified HP. Effect bounces to another random nearby tower, dealing (4x) damage. Cooldown: 7s.

    Alternates between (SPREAD INFECTION) and (VOID CORRUPTION).

  • SPREAD INFECTION - Active | Blue | 1 Rage
    Dragon gains an invincible shield for (3) seconds. When shield expires, healing marks are applied to all nearby towers that each restore (10)% of the dragon’s modified HP if a marked tower is destroyed. Duration: 3s, Cooldown: 4s.

  • VOID CORRUPTION - Active | White | 1 Rage
    Dragon flies (50)% slower and dodges all non-beam attacks for (3) seconds. Duration: 3s, Cooldown: 4s.

Runes and Glyphs

Design Intent and Strategy:

Interitus is a dark sorcerer that battles with a legion of Corrupt Servants. Upon entering the battle, Interitus will automatically summon a Corrupt Servant in front of it. The Servant will absorb a portion of the damage dealt to Interitus, and also continuously attack nearby towers.

Interitus wields two powerful offensive spells, Dark Lightning and Shadow Ball. Shadow Ball fires a powerful projectile that deals massive damage to a single target, almost certainly destroying it. Shadow Ball has a short cooldown time, so it can be used to remove multiple enemy structures in a quick fashion. When casting Dark Lightning, Interitus will fire a beam of lightning at the targeted tower that bounces to one additional nearby tower. The targeted tower takes heavy damage, but the tower struck by the bounced effect is hit with four times the amount, ensuring its destruction.

For survival, Interitus relies on Void Corruption, a two part spell that cycles between an invincible shield on the first use, and a dodge on second use. Dragon Lords should be thoughtful when using this spell to ensure they have the right kind of protection to handle the enemy defenses. Take hold of the void and fly with your legion of Corrupted Servants on with Interitus.


Interitus Rider Portrait

Valenor - Selfless Vanguard
Immune to the influence of the void, it saves all it can.

Mythic Wind Warrior


  • GREAT PURPOSE - Passive | Yellow
    Dragon gains (0)% Dragon Attack as bonus attack damage per (5) seconds interval (capped at 100%) and restores (12)% max HP every (5) seconds.

  • PROTECTIVE SCALES - Active | White | 2 Rage
    Dragon gets (75)% damage reduction from towers and immunity to Super Shots and Orrery pull. Gains 2 rage when hit by Mage Tower supershots. Duration: 6s, Cooldown: 4s.

  • QUELL - Active | White | 1 Rage
    Cast upon a target area. Stuns targets in area for duration until it is damaged. Duration: N/A, Cooldown: N/A.

  • EXPUNGE EVIL - Active | White | 1 Rage
    Dragon gains (350)% increased breath damage for (4) seconds and freezes towers for (2)s. Duration: 4s, Cooldown: 3s.

Runes and Glyphs

Design Intent and Strategy:

Valenor is a Warrior dragon gifted with natural resistance to the influence of the void. Thanks to his innate power, he has discovered his passive, Great Purpose, which restores a portion of his health periodically during a battle. To get the most from this effect, look for opportunities to disable enemy structures without destroying them, then allow as much health to restore through Great Purpose as you can, before moving on.

Valenor takes a unique approach to combat, it does not wish to destroy, but instead, to cleanse the evil from its allies and fight back the void. Using Quell, Valenor can disable a tower permanently, until it takes damage. Use Quell to turn off Ice Flaks and disable Shield Towers so that you can more easily use Expunge Evil. When Valenor casts Expunge Evil, its breath attack is vastly enhanced and it temporarily freezes any towers it hits while it purifies them. Intelligent use of Quell with Expunge Evil can allow Valenor to disable entire islands and pick them apart.

For defense, Valenor relies on his Protective Scales to greatly reduce the damage all towers deal to him for a short duration. While Protective Scales is active, Valenor will gain rage if it is hit with a Mage Tower supershot, and gain resistance to the pull effect of the Cosmic Orrery tower. Fly Valenor in the Corruption Season and take to the front lines against the void.


Valenor Rider Portrait

Fergaax - Tainted Bloom
Cursed eggs hatch servants to the void.

Mythic Fire Hunter


  • GRIM SCREECH - Active | White | 1 Rage
    Damages all towers within range for (2)% of dragon’s HP and freezes them for (1) second. Damaged towers take (75%) increased damage. Duration: N/A, Cooldown: 4s.

    Alternates between RECONSTRUCT and PESTILENCE

  • RECONSTRUCT - Active | Blue | 0 Rage
    Reduces incoming damage by (0)% and instantly heals for (18)%. Duration: 2s, Cooldown: 1s.

  • PESTILENCE - Active | White | 1 Rage
    Deals (80)% of dragon’s modified HP as damage to all towers in target area. Duration: N/A, Cooldown: 5s.

  • DEATHLY SILENCE - Active | White | 1 Rage
    Cloaks for duration. Slows dragon by (50)%. Increases rage regeneration speed by (150)%. Dragon can use breath attacks while cloaked. Duration: 3s, Cooldown: 3s.

  • UNENDING PAIN - Passive | Yellow | 0 Rage
    Ammo regeneration increased by 100%. When reduced to 0 health, Fergaax will continue to fly forward for (4) seconds, allowing you to attack but not use Abilities. Duration: 4s.

Runes and Glyphs

Design Intent and Strategy:

Fergaax was once a splendid Emerald tier dragon like those that many Dragonlords have bred and cared for. Its egg was stolen by infestors and tainted, mutating it into a horrible dragon that wields the power of the void. This loss resulted in Fergaax’s passive, Unending Pain, which grants it increased ammo regeneration speed, but also causes it to continue to fight for a short period after it has been reduced to zero hit points.

Grim Screech is a powerful set up spell that briefly stuns all towers in range, and causes them to permanently take increased damage. Grim Screech has a short cooldown, so it is wise to unleash it as often as possible to soften enemy resistances.

Fergaax can spread the influence of the void by casting Pestilence on structures. Pestilence causes high damage to all buildings in a small area, almost certainly destroying everything it touches. After using Pestilence, the spell switches to Reconstruct, which harnesses Fergaax’s foul powers to heal itself, before switching back to Pestilence.

To cloak and avoid all enemy attacks, Fergaax relies on Deathly Silence. While cloaked, Fergaax is still able to launch breath attacks, but cannot use any of its spells without revealing itself. Ideally, Fergaax will Screech, fire attacks from inside the Deathly Silence, and then Grim Screech again to greatly impair enemy defenses and make short work of bases. Harness the power of the void with Fergaax in the Corruption season.


Fergaax Rider Portrait

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  • Adjusted Valenor’s Runes and Glyphs graphic to reflect the correct name (previously it was wrongfully Feral Instinct).

Update: Added an additional Trading Post for the season for 3/8/23. This Trading Post will allow players to exchange their crafting shards for gemstones for the preview of Ascendant Gear.