The same runes constantly repeated in events


Why is the Fight Pit event giving us for both personal and team prizes the exact same runes as the Feeding event we just had?

Also it seems like every other event either in the team prize or personal there is always a Healing Striker?

What happened to variety of event runes? Or are those days gone.


Your frustration has been already shared…less than a day ago :rofl:


It has not been a Healing Mark but a Healing Striker. My inventory is full of useless Healing Strikers.


A dev at one point said “because lower levels can’t use runes for higher tiered spells”. So that and PG is lazy.


I’m not even asking for the new spell runes, I’m fine with anything but just don’t keep repeating the same ones over and over.

And with the Fight Pit Event and the Feeding Event last week the very same runes both in team prize and personal prizes like you said that’s just simply lazy.

If I did that at my job, I’ll be out the door.


I’ve psychologically realised that there is no runes as an event prize. There is just a little bit of rune dust. If you need runes, you need to spend 100s of dollars on runic chests, get lucky with 1/100 silver chests or from the season branches.


That not possible, you can not buy Glyphs in Silver or Runic chests.

Glyphs can only be won in events.


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