The scoring changes aren’t working properly

I think these photos should speak for themselves

I wonder if it some sort of timing issue, I.e. the ranking isnt dynamic and is taken from a static point in time?

That top base is missing a tower on the long island so I wonder if it was intentionally moved to make the base easier for Atlas allies?

Or I wonder if bottom 2 were unboosted and then boosted the islands?

Probably still good to get an explanation from PG on how the mechanic works.

That 462 has now upgraded his perch on 6 falling to just under 7bil, neither other has changed yet he remains the top point base.

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dont look at the attack screen look at the profile see if difference?

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Yep, for some reason the 463 displays at 10.6 yet the 518 displays as 9.83 and the highest of the 3, the 516 only says 8,48, all hugely varied to the actual defence powers of the base :thinking:

it goes by profile and not the attack screen it got screwed up during the new tower release

Odd seeing how the number above the base is generally regarded as more accurate but thanks for thinking about that, forgot about that number completely


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