The severe *Child Predator* issue PG is turning a blind eye to

As a child and young teen in the 90’s, we were always told to look out when being online in chat rooms like AOL and MSN, games and other areas where other people were online and could easily ‘befriend’ you and trick kids who don’t know better and get personal Information and it was a pretty big issue in the day, as I assume it is now. Being a parent now and a gamer, I allow my kid to play games both on the computer and on my phone very supervised when needed. I allowed my daughter to create a new account here and she is still in the beginner areas, while I do have filters on I found out just by watching her okay there’s groups of very sexually themed men there who “roleplay” explicit themes with kids in chat. I took the phone from her and watched as these guys tickled/licked/cuddled girls, askedSnapchat/FB/instagram info and ages of the kids, had some pretty adult situation “roleplay” where kids were asked to be tied up, chased, slaved, or just creepy kissing and snuggling sessions. Now I realize kids are going to be kids and flirt, some of these kids claimed to be 14 or 15 but many we’re not and upon hearing some of the predators say they were 23 or even in their 30’s who were engaging kids on the game, I felt it was my duty to make a post here since none of the tickets were responded to despite reporting multiple times. Not a single PG representative got back with me and I spent at least a day off and on keeping an eye on chat and reporting the predators. I am absolutely disgusted a game company would allow such preying on underage kids and would simply turn a blind eye to it!!! Your beginner chat is SWAMPED with guys who prey on kids with this filthy roleplay chatting, so much that I even watched a few kids announce they are uninstalling simply because they were so creeped out (Go read play store reviews, there’s actual complaints there too about the sexual nature of players against kids in chat) You guys need to do something immediately. This goes beyond gaming and is a national problem and as a respectable company you should not reward that kind of behavior, should be monitoring your beginner chats, should take reports more seriously and should ban the child predators!!! The ones I saw in chat who were the main antagonizers were dinoboy628 (30+ year old who preying on kids) Theoangelxdemn (was licking/cuddling/kissing a claimed 14 year old and other adult themed things) Slaggyducky115 (‘roleplayed’ with kids, tied one up and made him a slave, was undressing a girl of her bra and other disgusting things) PG please help keep our kids safe who choose to game with you and get rid of these predators, have someone monitor the chat for 24-48 hours and you will see exactly what I am talking about! Start taking this more seriously or this will be forwarded off to authorities.


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How do you tickle/cuddle/lick someone online exactly?

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Just make the game 18+

Problem solved.

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Also the “30 year old” is probably 12. Just saying.

Can you give me the ticket number(s) for the ticket(s) you submitted?

Your replies are attributable at a 12 years old and your sarcasm is totally amiss!

Thank you for your reporting. I’m a father too and i have the same concern. We can stand watching and allerting everytime we notice signs.


Ive seen some raunchy LC’s before, but Ive never seen anything to the extent that you are reporting.
Thats not to say that I dont believe you, just that its not typical. I think you probably got a bad league. I suggest using the block feature to block out the couple of people and that should suffice until the next league reshuffle.

That said, I don’t think this game is great for children anyway - and not only because of adult content.
Yes the raunchy LC’s are commonplace and that’s item number one. Number two is that its easy to spend a small fortune on this game. And item number three is that the game requires patience and perseverance to play, something that kids with short attention spans really arent good at.

I would suggest making the age limit 16 years instead of 13. Hell its mostly adults playing anyway, I dont know many kids in the game. Even my own kid got bored of this game after a day.


The title alone guarantees this thread is going to blow up. I bet it’s locked by the mods before the day is out.

You should have blocked these folks immediately, especially on your daughter’s account. Secondly, you should have given these scumbags an earful. I have never witnessed anything like this here. I would have gotten my point across clearly. There are more than enough parents playing this game to let garbage like this slide.

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Sorry, I’m 14. Played for a while now. Some kids do have the patience and tenacity to play, because of conditions they have.

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I would not be surprised if it did happen. Especially in lower leagues where people come and go and a lot more children reside. Higher leagues usually equate to paid players so adults. Either way slather the pedo in peanut butter and feed him to rats…

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:joy: what doesn’t peanut butter taste like?

I have seen this as well. I think there should be a system in place where anyone to type in LC, GC, TC, or Mail even a word relating to sexual contact and threats ect will send an automatic ticket/flag to PG and suspend the individual till PG look at chat records.

In some cases it might just be a joke, but still… that really doesnt belong in a game like this. If it is a threat but not severe enough to require a permanent ban from chats then the person will have (x) amount of time to calm down.

There needs to be better safe guards for the individuals who are put in these positions!!!

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We Can start up a team call it “Teenagers Only”

Not wait for PG and Arrange meetings with these predators to “hangout” and deal with it ourselves :+1:

Sounds a lot more fun then just getting these disgusting guys banned where they can start up a new account! Really they need their hands cut off so they can’t type anymore! I’m a Father to a daughter also I would lose my shit someone talked to my daughter that way!


Your right it doesn’t because an adult even joking with an underage girl in that kind of manner is disgusting!
So really I don’t think the joking even matters!

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I strongly feel that kids under a certain age should not have access to league chat. They don’t need it to be a part of a team anyway, and it would cut back on that sort of thing unless the predators are in the team with them.

In an ideal world all these creeps would be banned, and the game would actuallly enforce an age restriction to keep kids under 13 out of a predominantly adult game.

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I strongly feel that kids under a certain age should not have access to league chat. They don’t need it to be a part of a team anyway, and it would cut back on that sort of thing unless the predators are in the team with them.

In an ideal world all these creeps would be dead, and the game would actuallly enforce an age restriction to keep kids under 13 out of a predominantly adult game.

Fixed it for you :+1:


I started playing when i was 15. I was able to ignore LC and focus on other things. But i do remember some of the creeps i have ran into over time. Since there are many more leagues i can only hope the reporting feature is working better than it did when i first started!

We really should have a safety protocol with certain words. Cuss words are okay but if ever directed towards someone then the person should be stopped. For sexually explicit lagueage as well ad threatening laguage- the ban should be immediate with no acceptions.

Before the individual would send this message the game could have a feature warning the person of their bannable laguage and offer them to change their mind. I dont really know what this would entail but i think it would just consist of a dictionsary or words that iniate a flag to PG and then a ban.