The stars are aligned

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The return of Assault combined with the introduction of Invoker to the shrine paves the way for a very long standing request, old dragons ( not bringing back or stones).

Let’s make an end of year or WD anniversary Assault event where the olds are unlocked like the Invoker, we flew it but it was not in our den, for cost of course.

  • Assault is PvE and solo so no attacking others with only the best you never got
  • Able to fly but not in den keeps olds a treasure to those that got it before, but now news can see what they missed
  • Satisfies one of the longest standing “jokes” of the forums
  • The dragons are built as older players still have them, so no need to create anything new there. Combine with above Assault and Invoker stuff and all the components are there.

I can’t possibly see this working. Too much work for no benefit to PG. And how do you differentiate between those that have the dragons vs those that don’t?

Just no.

Sorry, my two cents. I have a feeling the powers that be would agree.


No thanks.

All the work is done, that’s the points of the bullet points. “For cost” is PG benefit.

Ones that have them are already in the den, new ones won’t be, like Invoker, reason I put that info.

I personally don’t want to see this at all.

Limited time dragons are limited time. Period. Not limited time EXCEPT FOR…


‘Oh, hey, I got flagged.’
‘Time to make another topic on the same thing! Reception from the forums will be fantastic!’

Who said anything about old divines was a joke? :rofl: It was cynic humour. Let it dieeeeee.


I like this idea. Maybe we can also have an epic Feeding extraordinaire as well to get us some nice sigils at the same time.

Really wish I could have gotten Tarand or Drakius but they’re before my time. :confused:


what good will bring giving old dragons new evolving stones , they are crap now days , it is a big NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO



Oh god please forget about both Old Divines AND Feeding.
They’re or gone forever pass on


What’s ur problem dude. I’m allowed to have a voice and opinion on things too. I think this could be a good idea and make PG a lot of money


Make money on a free energy event that they would have to work really hard to do and piss off all their older players in the process?


I think people just get jaded from seeing the same suggestions over and over. I try not to be a jerk but sometimes it just slips out. :rofl:


I didin’t say you’re not allowed to have a voice.
I just said that they said no more feeding so no more feeding i’m tired to see the " i WAnT fEeDInG baCk pLz !"
And the “Rainbow stone” 's style comments.

Pg said they won’t be back so just forget about them.

Sorry if you took it too personal wasn’t just aimed at you :wink:

I was so sure you were being sarcastic. :joy: But now I’m just disappointed.

Only for Assault, and Assault is tier based so they will be viable even if old.
Edit: unless you’re talking give Nightshade Emp stone? This would be a no, keep it to max Sapphire.

Please read above, or even the title, it’s not.

Part of the bullet points :+1:

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Brilliant ideas! All hail :raised_hands:.


I don’t think you understand how coding works. It’s not like they can just copy and paste and be on their merry way.

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I know a very tiny smidge and where it’s not a true copy and paste it’s all accessible and created, so it’s possible.

I think of it kinda like any modern tech, things aren’t possible until everything is created first to make the main item possible.

Possible doesn’t not equal easy.

Also, seriously, no. This idea is nauseating in general. Possible, not easy, and nauseating.



I thought we were over this whole “old things ever coming back”… That’s an unyielding no from me.

There’s been talk again and again that they won’t bring back old things through any means and no matter how I turn this thread and its wording it is STILL a mean to bring them back and make them usable for everyone…

Oh well, X day since the last suggestion to make old exclusive things available to newer players, I guess…