The state of the game for me

I decided to create my own thread purely because my problems are no longer just atlas related.

Despite the fact that atlas has had extraordinary lag lately, dragons not flying properly, like LJs “freeze” not actually freezing towers and they are still firing when 2 or more defenders join. Inability to move primarchs at times and almost constant sync errors.

Around 48 hours ago the atlas button completely disapeared. Sent a ticket which took nearly 24 hours to get a reply, was told could be a corrupted game file. So deleted game and reinstalled it again. The button cane back again and was able to do sone things in atlas but not all (still massive lag).

Woke up today and button was gone again, not just that but I also had around 2k messages, dating back to 3 years ago from my first team.

Deleted game and reinstalled.

Button is back but it won’t download the last missing file.

All the old messages are back but when I try and delete just won’t let me.

Team names have all disappeared from alliance and league chats. Member/officer/leader status has disappeared off team chat. If i try and attack a player just tells me “player not found”. If I try and inspect a player just tells me “no information for the player found”.

My base has dropped 8b dp.

If i try and collect chests i get a sync error and get kicked. When i log back I get the old messages back again.

If i delete them again and then log. When i log back in again I get a sync error, logs back in, messages back again.

Ive never known this game to be this bad.

I can no longer even access help or write a ticket.

@PGGalileo please pass this onto the help team as I can’t anymore.


or fire all of them and hire better ones. :man_shrugging:t2:

typical pg support… maybe pg needs to require the support agents to actually play the game actively. feel how the players actually feel so that they’d actually look for the pin-point right solution for themselves and share those to whoever sending tickets, not the copy and pasted replies we now get as their responses.

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I had the same thing happen to me yesterday. I submitted a ticket and when I had not received a reply after 90 minutes, I commented again. The issue seemed to finally resolve itself (very slowly) about 30 minutes later. After it was almost totally resolved (some castle’s were not identified by name and appeared as un-owned, I finally received an automated response that closed the ticket. No explanation, no apology, just instructions that if the matter continues - submit another ticket. No wonder players are quitting in droves and there aren’t any active teams below Gold 1.

Wow, that’s interesting - I always hated that they had a rolling buffer that limited the number of messages I could see to the most recent N. I’d go back and look for messages I sent to the team about events, etc., and they were no longer available. Wonder if this was an email improvement that went bad.