The Storm tower Rune boosts my earth flak towers

I removed a Legendary Storm Rune, and my base lost about 8% DEF.
I don’t have a Storm Tower on my base.

Does the Storm tower Runes boost earth flak towers?
If not, would transforming a Storm into an earth Flak possibly be the reason?
I’m not sure if I transformed A Storm into the Earth Flak, or if I transformed a Fire Flak into the earth Flak, and merged a mid level Storm into that …
either way, when I returned the Storm Rune my DEF went back up.

Are there other runes that effect other towers. Like lightning rune might boost electrictro Flak etc… ?

Storm runes don’t affect earth flak, if you want a rune that affects a specific type of tower you have to use a rune that has the same name as the tower.

Also no matter the rune you put on a dragon or base the defense power or the attack power will jump, for example if you put a mythic hunter attack on an invoker, you will see the attack power of the invoker jumps up, but the stats remain the same.


Thanks for the quick reply !

Sure enough. I noted the stats for the Earth Flak, removed the Storm Rune, and again, my Bases Stats DEF went down, but the stats for the Earth Flak remained the same, and were indeed not “affected” :wink:. I added a Legendary Ballista Rune, and my DEF went up.
I thought they just fixed the DEF numbers to be correct.

Thank god/aliens/simulator, you brought this to my attention. I recently moved my best towers from kill island 2 To Main Island, and my DEF stats didn’t change much so I thought Island 2s runes were extending coverage to Island 1, like my DEF rider.

So this is a bug :bug:?

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Just treat Base DP as the cost of your base :wink:
Same with dragons AP :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I don’t know about this type of things, the only advice I can give you is to never look at the defense power or the attack power because stats mean nothing.

For example a 3B abyssal namaka is better than 7B vanguard namaka, if you look at their stats, you will see that the stats of the 3B are way way better than 7B one.

Runes, riders and gears affect the attack power or the defense power, and basically runes are the ones who change it totally knowing that they cannot increase it more than gears.

So always look to have a high lvl tier dragon and the highest level towers, work on your gears then on your runes. People will see the numbers of your base and they will think it’s easy until they die.

This is my understanding (which could be wrong):
Each rune, regardless of its true benefit to you base, is attributed a certain amount of DP depending on the tier and level of the rune/glyph. So regardless of what rune you put, it will boost the base as they stated.


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