The swap button must go


Why is there a swap button right in the middle of the battle screen? Can it not be placed in a better location like the upper right corner? I don’t know how many times I’ve lost a run because I swiped over that thing. It’s frustrating.


In the middle? Can you take a screenshot?


Do you mean over on the right side of the screen? Middle to me meant center of screen so I panicked a bit. If you mean the right side of the screen where it’s been for a bit, there’s already a discussion about this: Fix The Swap Button!


Reading the forum warnings on the preview screen can sometime help direct you to links of related topics. They always show up to the right of what you are typing if you are new here and aren’t acquainted with the search function yet :slight_smile:


Always the option to remove it in the settings if you just don’t want it at all.


I agree, the swap button must be relocated. I would suggest raising it up higher on the right hand side or placing it at the top of the screen either in the middle or the top left hand corner. Since the recent updates, the swap button was lowered and I have hit it numerous time during an attack. I rarely had a problem with it until the recent updates. Can’t tll you how many attacks I have accidentally aborted because of the swap button.


Read the link above and realize they are fixing it.


I think the swap button should be moved to the upper left corner but Im right handed. I hit it more than I like and others on my team agree.


Version 3.80 has the swap button fix already coded and should be released in the next few days. It is being kept in the same location but being resized and reshaped to minimize accidental taps.


Upper left corner is bad for shooting the rune storage hut at the end of the runs. Also, that side of the interface gets very cluttered when you have a dragon with 5 spells. These issues have been pointed out in this thread: Fix The Swap Button!


Same. I’m always trying to get one more hut on a monument at the last moment. Lol!

Glad to know it’s not just me!


Hey can u read my post about that I can’t get on to atlas I need u to fix it


i so agree! have swapped by mistake few times with full dragon boosted



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