The Swap Shop V2.0

Ok, so PG tried to do the Trade Shop or whatever and it didn’t go too well because they tried to create yet another new currency. Why create a new currency when you already have one?

Wondering what it is?


Every item that is forgeable should be able to be redeemed for hours, which are then used to “buy” items based upon their current forge times.

Yes, there would be an initial influx of timers, or hammers, or whatever, but that would be over once I get rid of my 2500 ballista resists. Nothing needs to scale, nothing needs to change, what was the Trade Shop or whatever just needs to be tweaked to grant hours and all of the forgeable items need to be able to be bought all the time.

And you can’t really exploit it. There’s no way to earn extra things other than flying your dragons.


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That isn’t why it didnt work… it was because it was decided to be way too easy to exploit

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I’m not sure if the forge times have changed over the lifespan of the game? Otherwise, it’s a good idea and I’d love to swap out all my resists :>

Right, because you could buy low and sell high or some crap (it’s been a while and I don’t remember the specifics). Point being, how can using the time it takes to forge an item be exploited? It’s hard coded. You trade for what it takes to forge. Hell, you can even exclude timers from it entirely. The other stuff is useful, some of it.

You misunderstand, exploited by hackers… to give 100x rewards… not used at its intended

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Again, these types of shops are extremely difficult to implement and manage.

Blizzard had to shut down the Diablo Auction House years back because of illegal trading. These types of shops are ripe for exploitation.

There are enough problems with this game that we don’t need new issues.

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That’s why it was shut down in the first place

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So, honest question from someone who wasn’t around for Swap Shop V1.0: did the exploits actually lead to something worse than the current state of the game? In my admittedly incomplete understanding, the Arabic language version of the game seems to come bundled with a free Infinite Resource Hack, slightly subtler cheating is also pretty widespread, and between 20-40% of the top 1k performers in any given event are probably using hacks, depending on when the last banwave was. (Because costs are insane for legit players, and purchasable advantages offer increasingly overwhelming benefits.)

I point out all of this not to just generally complain, but my limited knowledge guess would be that the number of people who want to hack but who are held back by the lack of exploitable swap shop mechanics is low. Conversely, the number of legit players negatively affected by the lack of swap shop mechanics is, well, all of them. Lastly, the current hackers are not hurt and are in fact helped by lack of a swap shop, because they seem to have a pretty easy time producing infinite resources as things stand, whereas the rest of us don’t, and they compete with us.

Is this accurate? Or was cheating really that much worse, in olden days?


:sob: say it isn’t so!

Ironically, there will be a new currency in town. DIAMONDS


Posted this on a billion threads like this one already

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PG could try hiring ethical hackers to help deal with this. I told PGJared about the idea and he said that he would send it to the team. It is an expensive idea that could help the game. Keep your fingers crossed and hope either the ethical hackers idea or something like it is used/put into action soon

Unfortunately, you can get forgeable items through other means (e.g. bounty harbour!). Remember the guy that got banned for receiving something like thousands of tokens/rubies or whatever from bounty harbour? How easy would it be to change that to thousands of hammers/shields/swords etc?

This game is too buggy - which is unfortunate because we do need a way to get rid of our unwanted items in return for something useful - even at a shit exchange rate.

They claim it was shut down because it was too easy to exploit… more likely they didn’t want to give the whales an easy way to get what they needed without spending more…

God knows how many useless consumables the big whales have, if they could trade all of those in, that would equate to SOOOOO much lost revenue from those few players alone. Lets face it, that is why they got rid of the idea… they tried to set it up so the whales would suffer heavy losses by trading in everything at once, but not enough i guess.

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