The Sweet Spot for Recruitment

When looking at applications I was wondering if it would be possible to add another tab under profile, that could possibly show the achievements and the activity of the player on a chart. Basic Information and possibly make it to where officers can leave comments of said player performance. This could be possibly copy pasted to the forums recruitment tab or to add when you put in an application. This would be a formal and easy way for a officer or leader to pick and see what they want in a player from that list.


What kind of achievement that you’re looking for specifically, troops counts, primarch lv,…?

Basic overall information about them and achievements which can act as bragging rights and a way to see the quality of the player.

That’s the purpose of an INTERVIEW :roll_eyes:


Just a lot easier and unlike in a interview you can’t lie the graph shows the truth :expressionless:

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lmaoall i can say its called ask for pictures

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More information is always helpful prince

Thts why u ask and get photo proof

:clap:t3: Why did I not think of that before

Because… :joy:

Yeah you guys are really unhelpful why did I even waste my time here :joy:

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