The Unfair Atlas

I have spent quite a bit of money on this game. And still I am not allowed to play Atlas like so many others. It is completely unfair and discriminating. It allows some players to have a horribly distinct advantage over the HAVE-NOTS. Is the miney I spend to support War Dragons and advance in the game not as important? I am on the verge of quitting this game! First more prizes were taken from lower levels and given to the top which makes me spend far more just to try amd ksep up with growth and now many are not playing Atlas. Maybe WD doesn’t value the members of my team. I asked about this once from support and they said they were developing it. Well Atlas has been here a long time now.

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Join a team with Atlas? Seems like it’s probably too simple of a solution.


Sounds like you should try and join a team with Atlas if you want to experience it :slightly_smiling_face:

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This right here is your mistake. This is the logic PG counts on to justify, from a money-making perspective, decreasing rewards. Having Atlas does not fix this and will not, in and of itself, help you catch up. Also, there is a search function that will let you search for topics about the Atlas roll-out, in case you haven’t read them.:smile:


Suprised to hear suggestions like this from experienced players. Both Mechengg and Lx have made many good contributions to this forum, but to suggest a high level player quits the team, because PG does not get it‘s act together with Atlas is a sad response.

Many dedicated teams are waiting, and have been waiting for a long time to start in Atlas. With the shitty rewards in this round of conquer the world it becomes even more relevant. At the same time we do not want to quit our teams.

Friendships, even in - Game ones, may be more important that Atlas. The real issue is that months after the so called launch party teh roll out of Atlas is delayed to some Neverdate with stock explanations. Even if one gets nowhere in Atlas, no land, no nothing, one can still get event rewards in some events, get shards and rider equipment and so forth. XP runs on invaders come to mind.

All this is limited to some 200 teams out of the whole player base. Atlas has been handled very badly by PG and it is getting worse. I do not care at all for the complaints of the players with Atlas, as long as the majority of WD players can not participate.

It is frustrating and insulting to all the players who invest time and money to participate. If PG wants to limit the game to some selected few they should say so, then we can make out choices.


Yeah right. You can search for information about Atlas rollout. And you will find nada. Good hint. Not.

Right, it will show you nothing. Certainly not this.


Atlas is unfair?

be excited if ur team gets new added to Atlas (soon?) and be immadiately wiped out from long existing Teams.

you definetly have a wrong POV of unfair. :smirk:


Surprised to hear that you get to decide what a “good response” is. The OP has two solutions.

  • Wait for Atlas to be released to his guild

Seems like they understand that won’t happen for a little while.

  • Join a team with Atlas

… Which both @Lx460 and @mechengg have suggested, because the OP didn’t mention it.

There is no middle ground. Those are the only ways to get Atlas as of now. Insisting there is is just proving that you don’t fully grasp the concept and how rollouts work.


I just decide which postings I find good and which not. Many will disagree, it‘s just my opinion.

I would lead a happier life if I would not know how rollouts work. Or how they not work, to be honest.

Does not make this one any better.

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I would say there are 3 immediate solutions. The two mentioned (being patient and waiting vs finding a team with Atlas) or leaving the game, which OP also mentioned. It all depends what OP finds most important - team, Atlas, or sanity.


:smiley: you are so right. That is what is so terrible. I want Atlas, I am not patient, I want to stay in my team, and i want to continue playing WD. So all options suck. Maybe I am a spoiled brat and deserve no better. :thinking:

Sadly the sanity option eludes me.


That is the point! I have turned down many invites because I have family and friends here. Just treat me fairly and give me the same opportunities to succeed as anyone else. What is so special about accounts that get percentages higher in prizes, etc anyway?

So the actual question is why certain individual accounts are favored more than others?


The real question is what do you think your teams would “earn” exactly? Genuinely curious what you think Atlas is more than an XP base.

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What I would really like Atlas players to do is put themselves in the shoes of the players who don’t have Atlas. See you already have it, so you can say, oh Atlas isn’t all that, don’t be in a hurry, it’s full of bugs, etc. But honestly that is a frustrating and unhelpful response.

Ask yourselves this? How would you feel if they took Atlas away from you? How would you feel if they said, oh there are too many teams here for Atlas to be stable, we’re removing half of the teams? Would you just shrug and say, oh well, we will just wait for when the next rollout is?

I’m just trying to get Atlas players to understand how it feels not to have it. Because every time I hear a response like this it just seems like you are all in some elite club and you don’t want anybody else to join up.

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I’d fucking volunteer until they fix everything.


Well let me make something up to put myself as an atlas/beta player from day one in their shoes.

Let’s say they would bring out a new content like a super mythical rune (equals an atlas rider in my example which they cannot have) and only a small group would have access to it would I want that rune let’s say it increases damage on a dragon. Hell yeah. Would I quit my team and join a super mythical rune team for it? Hell no.

So I do understand the struggle.

Atlas offers

  • a different game experience whether you’re successful in it or not (troops/primarchs)
  • beta riders
  • bazaar to get rider stones
  • team banks (if you can hold a continent)
  • “easy” xp base
  • some free shit from poachers

I mean this is temping and I do understand why ppl want that. Even if they are wiped out they still have poachers, riders and the xp base :man_shrugging:t2:

But is it worth to rush everyone in and overfloat the servers and have more lag and bugs? No.

Is atlas at a stage where it’s flawless and free of mechanisms that will be used in a bad way? No.

But yeah being not part of atlas while it’s available for others is frustrating. I certainly would also want the super mythical rune. :man_shrugging:t2:

It’s always easy to say: You don’t need to eat go to sleep and let me eat my steak as an comfortable atlas player.

A coin has always two sides. The fact that you only see one side doesn’t make the other side not existing…


Holy shit, someone who “gets it”.

Is it over half the playerbase’s fault that they rushed Atlas to make money off of it and won’t reset those that have had it for a year plus?


So fix it, roll it out, or do something for the people that WANT it but yet CANT have it. And the whole “join a team that has it” is so overused. Some of the teams that don’t have it have been playing together for a LONG time, think over a year. Would you quit your team to go play with another team that may not play the same way you have been for over a year? Lemme think…NO


IMO Atlas should be non-existent since 3/4 of us don’t have it and the league structure should go back to the old days. Oh yeah and wayyyyy back OG wasn’t so bent on making money and the game was actually fun then…

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