The updates aren’t showing!

I made two accounts because I noticed that there were a lot of updates and nothing was showing. So when I made it, there was realistic waters, and bridge, you only have to pay 240 tokens for the auto breed and 12 for one breed, and many other things. I don’t know how to fix this if there even is a way to fix this. Anyone have any advice?

I honestly do not understand your question at all. Can you explain what you’re trying to do, what you are expecting should happen, and what’s actually happening?

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The updates arent showing on my old account. Its all old, my othee account sees all the updates though, i dont know qhats happening

Updates can apply to a lot of things. More detail is definitely needed.

The look of the water is affected by your device and the graphics settings. The number of tokens to breed is affected by the tier you’re breeding.

But @PGGalileo has talked a couple of times about changes they’re testing with newer players (including lower level access to teams and autoflying), so it could also be one account is in a testing group for something like that and the other isn’t, maybe.

Edit: there are times when the game says it’s updating but there’s no new version to download and no actual change, or an unnoticeable change too. For instance in Android if you switch to another app and back to wd, wd will now go into offline mode and then restart with a (spurious) message that I think says something about updating. I think there are a few of these. It would help if you say what exactly you’re seeing that leads you to expect an update.

I am not expecting an updating, what I’m trying to say is that all of the updates that have been made aren’t showing at all on my older account. But my newer account sees realistic water and everything. The two statues aren’t there, there’s only one, and there’s a bridge now. And there r boats in the ocean. None of those are showing on my older account.

These are not things that have been changed recently in the game, what you’re describing sounds like how the game displays at different graphics levels.

In settings, scroll down to Graphics. There’s a drop-down level of detail selection and a bunch of checkboxes. What you describe with only one statue and terrible water sounds like the Poor or Low level of detail. You can try changing it to medium or high and see if your device can handle it. You can also play with the checkboxes.

Hm that worked, I never saw that I could scroll down in settings otherwise I probably wouldn’t have posted this. Thanks for the help! :ok_hand:t2:

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