The Weekly Sun: Issue 2 (05/30/2020)

The Weekly Sun

As per popular request, due to the length of The Weekly Sun, there will be a table of contents at the beginning of every issue. This will allow you to hit Control+F to immediately find the segment that interests you.

Table of Contents:

  1. Dear Katavina (Advice column)
  2. A Political Snapshot (Atlas Alliances in a Nutshell)
  3. Moon’s Travel Guide
  4. Critic’s Corner (Small changes that will enhance gameplay. @PGGalileo @PGJared @DragonPunch @PGNines this section is for you)
  5. A Beacon for Teams (recruiting teams)
  6. A Leader’s Advice (War)


1. Dear Katavina

Welcome to the weekly Dear Katavina advice column. The concept of the column is to allow anyone in the War Dragon community to anonymously ask for advice about anything. If I don’t know, I’ll ask around and try and find out. Hopefully I’ll get a few drama-infused questions that keeps everyone captivated. To submit a question please email it to questions and responses will be published in The Weekly Sun.

  1. Dear Katavina - At what level - or other metric - would it make sense to transition from a single, concentrated kill island to a longer kill island, stretched between the Seagazer and Riverwatch dragon perches?"
    Base Builder

Dear Base Builder -
Base building is a widely debated and a somewhat personal design hot topic in this game. When designing a base layout, you want to consider the number of towers you have to support with your resources (tower strength and length of time for an opponent to complete 70% of your base). Now the disclaimer, the following advice is my personal opinion.
A very popular design is the long island in the middle with maxed out towers. This design presents a drawback that became more complex as I leveled up my base. Most bases with the long islands are not well balanced, especially mid to high level 400 accounts. The reason is that farms and mills are capped at lvl 82 when your towers can be lvl 94, so farms and mills become less of a percentage of destruction. This means that typically your max towers will be close to 70% or more of your total base. Any very active atlas player will immediately understand the significance of the 70% destruction. I redesigned my base layout to ensure that attackers must fly the entire base to get 70% or better. All my max towers are on my main island. This layout has served me pretty well. If I’m matched against a glory hunter with a long middle island I’m probably gonna get 70% before my opponent can finish 70% on my base. I would recommend maxing out your towers build up and not out. I belong to a base building group on line app so if you want an individual base assessment just mail me your line ID and I can add you.
The most important tower to consider in base building is the perch. Keep your perch maxed in line with your towers. The dragon and the gear that you have on that perch has the capability to increase your defense power by 120%. So get a mythic warrior for your perch that can evolve in line with max tier and tower level. Then pursue the mythic gear in atlas season and farm shards like crazy and max out the gear.
Build up and not out,

  1. Hey Kat- Ok here is something I’d like explained about Atlas. When reverse sniping an invading enemy at your castle, how does quitting early affect my glory vs frustrating their attack based on each primarch type and tier? I know generally how this works but would love to see a decision tree chart so I don’t have to think much about it in the moment.
    Sky Rider

Dear Sky Rider -
Atlas glory calculation is a little complex and I shudder at the thought of the algorithm that is down that rabbit hole. I have a simple method for determining if I should attack and what primarch I should use when counter sniping.
The number one goal of reverse sniping is to rob your opponent of their glory. That said you want to use a primarch with the highest attack power vs the opponent primarch defense power. When you click on an opponent in atlas, a splash screen displays with the attack power of your primarch vs the defense power of your opponent. The difference in those numbers is part of the algorithm to determine glory and troop loss. The higher your number the more troops you can kill and the less troops you will lose. If you are successful in finishing first, your opponent will get very little glory at a high troop cost. If the numbers displayed are not far apart you will get great glory and lose more troops and your opponent will get better glory.
For sieger vs sieger you must finish only 45% of the sniper’s base to quit and win; however the troop loss will be higher with a lower revive rate and the glory earned will be better for the attacker. For other primarch types you must destroy 70% or more of your opponents base and the same general rules for troops and glory would apply.
Fly high and prosper,

  1. Dear Katavina - What do we (F2P - little spender, small players) need to do to have comparable bases to those standing on the top? Obviously, other than spend more / buy more pack
    Free Player

Dear Free Player-
There are a few things that you can do in your game play to advance your tier and base ambitions. The biggest contributing factor to the rewards you can earn to build and breed at a faster pace is your team.
Choose a team that:

  1. Fits your play style for event minimums
  2. Gets the lvl 10 quest and hits the mark on the 8 of 8 team achievement prize.
  3. Has a good atlas token bonus and good refinery bonus for the gear you want to craft.

The other part of being a free player is saving your resources that is key for the start of a new season. Save your chests for the start of the new season, once you finish your season goals. If you can hit the 450 sigil prize for every event in a season, and are on a team that gets the extra sigils every week, you can get the mythic without spending. You will also earn better resources from the prize lines. Participate in atlas glory opportunities and use those prize lines to advance your game goals.
Best of luck,


2. A Political Snapshot

The fact that most describes Atlas in a single, dreaded word: politics. No, there aren’t elections every few years and there may or may not be advertisements on your Line, but politics play a major role in the operation of Atlas. No hits, enemies, hit lists, spies, the list goes on and on. But what are the parts of the alliances? Tales of mega alliances abound, but what is involved in them? Let’s take a second and break down all of the “sides” of Atlas. Please realize that there are other alliances involved that are or claim to be neutral, but we are going to be focusing on the main alliances that make most of the map.

  • Dread

One of the main things people don’t realize about the Dread side of alliances is that DREADNOUGHT is not directly involved with all of the smaller alliances that are aligned with them. Dominus Omnium (DREADNOUGHT’s 5TA) is focused on Dominus. They do not dictate to the smaller alliances like Sinister and Legacy. This also means that they are not necessarily going to respond to calls for help from these groups. Sinister, Legacy, SF, and Parabellum are all smaller alliances that are self-governing. They set their own expectations and rules within their own alliances. DREADNOUGHT does not tell them what to do. They provide these smaller alliances with a representative to offer guidance if asked, but as stated before, these representatives do not govern the alliances.

It has frequently been mentioned that “Dread” has a mega alliance due to the fact that the smaller alliances (Sinister, Legacy, Parabellum, SF) set up no hit agreements with each other. Another thing to realize is that due to the smaller alliances’ mutual histories, noted later on, it may not necessarily be just one alliance responding to a call for help. There may be a mixture of teams from different alliances willing to help because of friendships formed in the past. This is what creates the effect of a mega alliance, not the factions of alliances themselves. Nobody is forcing teams from other alliances to respond. It is done out of respect and friendship.

  • Sine Nomine

In an effort to break the cycle of no hit agreements on the Dread side, Sine Nomine was formed. This is a group of twenty five diamond level teams who were designed to be Dread aligned and work in a closer proximity to Dreadnought and their 5ta, but not be restricted to no hit agreements with the rest of the smaller Dread alliances. They were also allowed to sponsor one smaller team each, so that the total number of teams reached 50 at one point. Recently, however, the creation of “The Movement” has led to some of those teams leaving Sine.

  • Sinister

At one point in time, one of the largest Dread aligned groups was World D. World D was led by a council made up of several different team leaders. Due to differences in opinion on changes being sent and moved on with little to no communication, a major split happened, ripping World D into two definite alliances. One of these was Sinister, made up of mostly sapphire and upper platinum teams. They, again, are led by a council, being vocal about their mission to make the alliance a democracy and vote-driven.

  • Legacy

This alliance is heavily platinum with some sapphire influence. After the World D split, where the majority of the Diamond league teams left and several other teams formed Sinister, the council went through several replacements and rebranded themselves into what is now Legacy. Again, the council bases decisions for the alliance on member votes, not dictation.

  • Parabellum

Parabellum was created by teams who did not feel at home within Sinister. As a small group of strong teams, they can hold their own as an alliance. Arguably the most notorious team in this alliance was LethalDescent, who recently left the group behind to form Exitum. This alliance does not have the standard council that most other alliances do, but every leader has a voice in what happens with the group.

  • SoulFuckers

This alliance merged into World D a long time ago, but when World D split, SF decided to follow Sinister. While they operate as their own alliance now, they remain tied to Sinister as a big brother alliance. Mostly made up of lower ranked teams, SF has become noted for their excellence in training teams that are relatively new in the Atlas world on how to operate in an alliance.

  • SAL

A 20TA made up of teams within the formerly mentioned alliances. They are highly focused on Atlas activity and respond to each other’s defense calls and raids. Their focus was to try to help eliminate the rules surrounding alliances by cutting out the activity requirements and check ins. While the group responds to each other’s call to arms, they are not necessarily all in the same larger alliance.

  • DOA

DOA is the largest alliance in the game as far as the numbers of teams who make up their ranks. DOA and “Dreadside” have been on opposing sides of the political spectrum for the last couple of years, and are in constant battles with one another. They are led by a council who is made up of a variety of players from various teams in higher end sapphire/diamond leagues. Every major decision within the alliance ultimately is decided by those 7-11 players. Throughout the years, they have restructured how they separate their teams several times to try and organize groups of teams with relative rankings to support each other. The current system is breaking up teams into four groups based on rank and activity (DOA, DOA1, DOA2, DOA3).

  • Exitium

Recently, the alliance Exitium was created with LethalDescent at the head. They formed this separate alliance with their 5TA in a stand against DREADNOUGHT. Since they are a newer alliance, their particular stance remains to be seen, but they have claimed to be an independent 10TA with no ties to either Dread or DOA, although that seems to be on hold as they create no hits with DOA. This alliance spearheaded TheMovement, which will be looked into further in another story.

  • Libertas

About four or five months ago, a group of DOA higher up teams (newly kicked Equilibrium, RoyalRoad, and Harlem) began creating a parallel alliance to DOA that was not under the DOA council’s supervision. Their main objective was to create a smaller alliance who focused on offense without the distractions that politics bring. The original 5TA was formed which included: WarEnforcers, R3b3lDragons, Servatoris, YelloBrickRoad, and HotTubParty. Over the course of the last few months, they have accepted another couple 5TAs and individual teams who weren’t content in DOA. Libertas maintains a strict no hit with DOA/Arachnid teams to keep their target on Dread teams. They do claim to be independent from DOA, but still work with them against their main threat: Dread side teams.

  • Arachnid

One of the few neutral alliances out there, Arachnid is a 40-50 team mini alliance formed by SkyScorchers and ProjectGhost (SkyScorchers has now merged into ProjectGhost to create a D2 team). They are known for keeping out of the politics of DOA and Dread. This has allowed them to successfully maintain their neutrality. By keeping strict policies for their teams to abide by, they remain safe. Throughout their lifetime, their targets have fluctuated between Dread and DOA as no hits have been attempted with DOA but, unfortunately, these have ultimately failed. Arachnid is similar to Libertas in the sense they wanted to separate themselves from the annoying politics that plague both DOA and Dread main alliances. However, they consider both DOA and Dreadside teams to be enemies.


3. Moon’s Travel Guide

You think you know atlas. The map you and your team navigate effortlessly (or semi-effortlessly) to get to your raids. As you send your prim off to this castle or that, you might speed them up or go work on something else, because waiting 5 minutes for a seiger is insane. There is a lot to be said for rushing to your destination, but have you ever stopped to take a look around atlas, at all the different lands? There is so much happening inside the land of atlas, especially when it comes to dragons and their riders. As your (self-proclaimed) local travel expert I have made it my mission to share some of the best spots to visit in atlas, the first one I found is the home of everyone’s favorite rainbow dragon.

Axi’s rainbow lake : X:-515.0 Y:-270.0
Everyone knows that Axi gets his gorgeous rainbows from the lake where he spends most of his time, but most people don’t know where it is or how to find it. The lake is nestled at the base of the mountains in the Windblown Shroud and the waters are so clear you can see right to the bottom of the very deepest part. There are many amazing places for picnics and parties around the edges of the lake and if you ask nicely Axi might even let you bathe in the sun warmed waters. I have spent many hours destressing here and I know I’ll continue to do so whenever I have time!


4. Critic’s Corner

Group Chatroulette

I can’t express the number of times I’ve been a member of a Group Chat (GC) and then someone rage quits. All of a sudden, the whole chat has to be remade because some inactive player got randomly made the admin and nobody could be added or removed as needed. Or worse, how many times have you created an alliance group chat for some raid, and then you get the “can you add so and so” messages? Then, you must scroll and scroll to see if they’re already in there or not. Maybe, you have to kick someone who recently left your team but they’re still in resource chat.

It’s frustrating, and it seems like there should be an easy fix. I get it, group chats aren’t exactly what the game is about right? Nobody is out here joining War Dragons for some hot group chat action. But, regardless, people enjoy efficient communication. So, maybe it’s time that PG updated the Group Chat features a little bit. Perhaps they could sort the members of the GC by alphabetical order, or any order that makes sense for that matter. How about some rhyme or reason to who is left in charge of a group chat when the owner leaves? Maybe an ability to appoint an admin who can help run the GC, even if they don’t become the chat owner.

Additionally, it would also be nice to have an ability to move or rearrange the order of the chats in the GC tab. For example, a capacity to sort these rooms alphabetically, or maybe move them up or down so you can prioritize them. Perhaps the community has other suggestions as well, but I think some of these minor changes can improve organization and communication in game, allowing for a more positive experience.

What we Wish we had in Atlas

Hello fellow dragon riders, my name is Athena and I am a writer for the Weekly Sun, my column will focus mainly on Atlas stuff and other things in game that we wish we had.
I would like to start by making a few polite requests to PG on behalf of my fellow dragon lords and ladies:

  1. Is it possible to add coordinates to Atlas Banners?

Sometimes, while in game, we all see Atlas attack banners pop up. I immediately jump into atlas and start scanning my team’s castles, trying to find out where the attack is happening. If I cannot discover where the attack is occurring immediately, I always end up clicking the atlas tab, going into management, and checking the team battle report to find out where the attack happened. This series of steps takes precious time away from defending our castles from attackers.

  1. Is it possible to have atlas replays?

The main game has replays, and it is helpful understanding which dragons your base is weak against. This helps players find new ways to structure their base to make it harder for specific dragons to destroy their base successfully.

  1. Is it possible to have rage marks in Atlas?

In the main game, using spells like hunter’s mark on a monument is extremely helpful. However, atlas does not have this ability. While players have been able to maneuver around this issue, it is still quite tedious.


5. Beacon for Teams

  • VikingsDK – Platinum 4

VikingsDK is recruiting! Main language used for communication is English, but some people on our team often speak Danish. You could say we’re actually a Danish + International team, yet we still have players around the clock for events and wars. We have a mix of age groups, so team chat can be a mix of wholesomeness and maturity. Our solid core is very supportive, and we communicate in game and on LINE. We’re pretty darn competitive for a chill team; Platinum 4 going on Platinum 3, but we’ll be smashing events on the way there- as consistently top 3 and recently #1 at Temple Raid (and we’ve been getting the level 9 team quest chest). We have atlas access with a modest number of castles, just enough to boost our growth. If growing and being part of an awesome team sounds appealing to you, apply today! Requirements are typical: events, quests, wars, and training troops.

  • TheUnited - Platinum 4

TheUnited is a laid-back team looking for players tired of high requirements and drama. If you want to get online, do your stuff, and go enjoy your real life, this is the right place. Chat is quiet and peaceful. If you do team quests, even better. However, there are no minimums. We have atlas but no rules about it. No castles either.

  • Dragonhelpers1 - Sapphire 3



6. A Leader’s Advice

To a member, the job of a leader may seem simple or easy. With the helping hand of officers, surely it can’t be that hard right?
Well, to those of you who don’t quite understand but are curious, or those of you who do understand and are looking for advice or something to relate to, stick around! Have a seat at the table and listen to our tales. Every week, I shall join you with something new, and perhaps someday I will not only teach you and provide laughter, but you’ll be able to teach me something.

Now, close your eyes and imagine… Wait, sir/ma’am! No, I was only joking. How could I possibly tell you if you have your eyes closed! Where were we? Ah yes… It’s a Friday evening, you are chilling in War Dragons, flying that shiny new dragon you got from the newest season, and all of a sudden, BOOM! 2 mails, people screaming, buildings burning! Okay, maybe not that dramatic.
Behold! in team chat you see the worst message of all, “So and So has declared on your team… it begins in 5 minutes!”. Oh no! What do you?!

Friend! Friend! Yes, you. You know who I’m talking to. Calm down, I am here to walk you through the steps of having a chance at winning this war. Let’s look at the variables, shall we? Are you down a player?

A) Yes, I slacked on recruiting duties! Forgive me Oh great goddess.
B) No, we are full. I no longer need to grovel at your feet.

If you chose option A, that’s likely the reason why you were declared on. Higher leagues are more likely to look for that, since being down a player means an 7 extra flames. This usually guarantees an easy win. However, I guess I can forgive you… only because you were so sweet.

Option B, as much as I love your flattery, is the more appealing choice. Despite your decision, quickly run to team chat. Ring the bells, light your signal fires, and prepare for defense! Defending and making sure they have more attempts than you, or even making sure they cannot take all of your bases is key to winning a defensive war. Keep in mind, even if you’re not attacking, being on and defending helps greatly.

Now, perhaps you are the one declaring. You’ve readied your members and they are ready to ride into battle alongside their fearsome, strong, handsome, leader. What? I’m drooling? Nonsense! You’re the one drooling! Assuming you picked a team in your league that your team at least has a chance against, you have 10 minutes before war begins. What do you do? A long, uplifting, inspiring battle speech? Well, no. I mean if you want to! I’m sure the other team will appreciate you giving them an extra hour to attack on your own accord. The best strategy to winning an offensive war is catching your opponent off guard (Aka being ready). I’ve found that sending a mail with war instructions and the days we are planning to have war helps. That way, your people can clear their calendars and sharpen those spears!

Declaring a few minutes (or seconds) before wars are supposed to start is a good way to catch them off guard! Last but not least, take action. Single individual attacks will not help! This gives your opponent time to defend every run. War waves are a common strategy to decrease the likelihood of that. Waves are when multiple people on a team do their war attacks at the same time. That way defenders may MISS an attack, making it easier for your members to complete with 7 flames.

Now, Dragon Lord, how did you and your team do? Did you win? Perhaps you still lost? The most important thing is whether or not you learned something new. If you already knew such information, hopefully you had a good laugh and make sure to check back next week!

Until next time.
Sincerely, Your fellow fearsome, strong, handsome, leader: Scarlett.

Logo Credit: Scarlett


Awesome info :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hugs: definitely look forward to it every week now.


I dunno how feasible this is without mod powers, but it would be a cool enhancement if the different features were in different posts. Arelyna and Crisis sometimes did this for complex announcements with sections, and it let them make links to them in the table of contents and people could kind of respond to a individual subsection.


We were trying to figure that out! Once we figure the magical ways of Arylena… we will definitely do it.

Well-said. Couldn’t agree more with the Group Chat feature. The admin access continues to be an utter annoyance. Some upgrades would be really appreciated.


Well done guys


Are you okay? :thinking:


Use an indent ‘>’ to create a section header.

Use an embedded link to link post 2, 3, etc. in the post back into the headings.

You realise it’s not an actual alliance, right? :rofl: Taking the time out to explain that ‘Dread aren’t bullies’ is probably needed to be done at some point by someone but it’s not particularly unbiased for your newsletter to do so. Especially since teams in every single alliance do things out of ‘respect and friendship’. If you weren’t aware, there are similar misconceptions about DOA which you didn’t try to balance your review with.

Also, it’s Exitium, not Exitum. Though their alliance name is definitely pretty odd.

Advice: only join the chats with people you love and respect. It’s not worth it otherwise.

I’d like to add that I wish that base tower positioning were the same as it is in the main game. It’s hard to test and maintain a base that you know works both in Atlas and in the main game.

Regarding the other suggestions I’m in agreement with all of them apart from the first one; attackers are already disadvantaged in raids in many ways, so a well-organised first wave can make or break their attack. Defenders can counter this by having well-planned castle assignments, and if they can’t click around all their castles and locate the one under attack in under two minutes, during the attack, they should probably suck it up and wait for the first wave to finish.

C) I don’t give a shit and will throw this war because it’s not a fun use of my team’s time? :stuck_out_tongue:

Clear extra towers you may have put at the front of your base for PvP and Atlas, if you must war. Wars are a two dragon battle; so prepare your bases accordingly.

Aside from that, yeah, just throw every war. G1, here we come.

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I appreciate you taking your time to respond to us, as it shows that you care about our growth. One of the major points we tried to address is that dread is not this massive alliance that people make it out to be. The alliance portion was written by two different people from opposing alliances to give a more well-rounded view. Also, thank you for pointing out the typo. I had to go through 11 pages of editing and must’ve missed it. Furthermore, we appreciate your suggestion that you proposed to the critic’s corner. It may be added in our next issue. Additionally, I understand that you were joking; however, there are people that benefit from learning about war. Finally, sometimes it’s better to leave some towers in front of your kill island to give defenders time. That defense lag is killer.


I believe I’ve already reflected this to the person who wrote that bit, but essentially, repeating that the Dread side isn’t being dictated to by DREADNOUGHT multiple times while not clearly pointing out that there have been specific criticisms of the Dread side to this effect can give the uninformed reader…suspicions.

It’s like me saying, ‘Hi, I’m Kate, and I’m not a mass murderer. My enjoyments in life are cats, writing long posts, arguing with people, and not-mass-murdering. It’s nice to meet you, also did I mention I’m not a mass murderer?’

Everyone else: ‘She’s definitely a mass murderer.’

It’s also amusing to me how it’s not a legit alliance but gets the longest write-up, lmao.

Sure, but use a mage so they can’t leave it for the next dragon.

It must be a lot of work. Have fun with your next issue :rofl:


What’s 1 mean? What’s 5?

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Very optimistic of you to assume these polls are supposed to mean anything…


I think it’s more for him to try to be “contributing” to the conversation. :woman_shrugging:t3:

Exactly that. People think it’s one big alliance correct? It’s a lot easier to explain an alliance like Arachnid than a sub alliance with many different rules and customs like dread.

It doesn’t mean about optimistic. If someone is holding a poll, at least I need to know what kind of parameter that they used. Otherwise, how do I judge my decision.

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I’m not going to nitpick but no. :rofl:

It honestly doesn’t matter does it? There basically are two sides. Who really cares which mini group teams associate with?

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Sigh, I guess I’ll reply to this. I’m the one who wrote the Dread-side section of the atlas part. I went into detail because it is important to understand that while it may be a “side,” it is not one giant glob alliance. While some may not care about the specifics, to others it is important to distinguish. I did write ups on each individual alliance within the Dread side, so yes, they are alliances. Just not the giant zombie one people think of. I believe now that we have some formatting tips that will be more distinguishable, since this was typed out in a Google Doc and did not translate to forums well.

I spent time clarifying that Dread does not dictate to the alliances because there has been a lot of yelling that it is exactly what happens. If it was too repetitive, oops my bad I guess, but to me it was important to note, especially since it had been the topic of many a post claiming dictatorship.