The Weekly Sun: Issue 6 (07/18/2020)

The Weekly Sun

Welcome to The Weekly Sun Issue 6! There have been a lot of in-game issues lately. However, despite that, we hope you are doing well. Without further ado, let’s get into Issue 6.

Table of Contents:

  1. New Atlas Alliance Announcement
  2. A Political Break
  3. Critic’s Corner
  4. Beacon for Teams
New Atlas Alliance

Army of Misfits

Out of the ashes, a new era is born! Army of Misfits (AOM) paves a new way!!

Tired of your atlas fun being run by a council? Missing the fun that was once a part of the game? AOM gives atlas back to you! it is a game, not a job, after all. We are looking for like-minded teams who just want to have fun and play the game without heavy requirements or standards. Every teams’ voice is heard.

AOM belongs to the teams that join!

AOM is a newly created alliance in atlas, which started as a mere thought a couple weeks ago and turned into a force to be reckoned with! Teams who’ve been cast away, teams who are looking for something new, look no further than AOM!

If you’re interested, contact Lucian3742 in game/Line (LINE ID: dragonhunter3742 ) or LadyDreki (LINE ID misstresss )

A Political Break

A Political Break

Yes, I’m diverting a bit from the politics of Atlas (as I’ve been doing for a couple of weeks) to address some concerns. It could be because I’m seeing enough of real politics on social media and game chats. Maybe it’s because there’s currently an argument in place by people who know nothing about my job over whether it’s worth existing. Who knows. I’m just currently politic’d out.

On July 9th, PG released a preview of the Atlas land shuffle (linked at the bottom of this segment). It included pretty much what we already knew about the shuffle, with no real details of what was being added. In the statement, it was mentioned that the shuffle should be happening each season, following a typical timeline of PVP event downtime. (Shields up, switch around, no Atlas PVP allowed, then back to normal.) Yep, you heard right! Every three months, there’s going to be a major change up in the game where castles are randomly moved around. Despite an overwhelming majority of players begging for castles to not be grouped by 5TA, as was mentioned before, there seems to still be a large possibility of that, as well. Again, no clear answers were given at this time. Although, how much could the map really change every three months if you’re always grouped around the same 5TA?

The information that was new, though entirely expected, was that the Atlas season would be delayed (yet again) for an undisclosed amount of time. The part of this that is encouraging is that PG evidently sees issues. Whether those issues are with the current status of Atlas or the future status of Atlas will remain to be seen.

Speaking of current issues… When the way Atlas currently is involves obscene loading times that make attacks almost impossible, making your way to a castle to hit something to find out there’s no attack button and you have to flip in and out of Atlas in order to load the only button you need at that moment, being unable to move any primarchs to a castle that’s under attack because the game freaks out that so many people are in one place (resulting in an atlas crash), being unable to load any troops or guards on your castle even when you’re supposed to be able to, and losing castles to other teams who seem to not have the glitches and issues that you do, THERE IS A PROBLEM! It is a problem that is not going to be addressed by routinely changing the castles around and introducing new programming on top of the glitches.

The player base is well aware that Atlas can be improved. In fact, they desperately want to see improvements. The problem is that no matter how much makeup you put over a rash, the rash is still there. In most cases, the makeup will irritate the rash and make it even worse, causing the opposite of the desired effect. The things that are currently crippling Atlas are not going to go away with a shiny new thing. The root of the problems need to be acknowledged, addressed, and fixed before people will feel comfortable looking towards a new update.

With the current Atlas issues in place, I personally can’t see any update going over well, especially as major an update as this would be. Not only that, but with the way that 2020’s been going so far, people don’t need a slapped-together, duct taped product to be pushed out only to find that it needs zip ties and super glue to maybe kind of work. Faith in the world itself is kind of imploding. We don’t need Atlas to be one more sprinkle on top of that crap-flavored cupcake.

Atlas Land Shuffle Preview

Critic's Corner

Critic’s Corner

Common Runes

As part of the suggested changes, a lot of fellow players have expressed their desire to get rid of common runes to me. These are runes that the player base has no need to have in their inventory. While rare runes are also not helpful, since common gear was done away with, common runes should serve as a good start. Several players were asked about it and agreed to contact PG support.

Editor’s Note: As per the request by Dragon Punch, I would like you all to go through our previous critic’s corner segments, find what you agree with, and make support threads and support tickets filled with what you want to change. This will give PG a receipt of sorts and make them better understand what the players want from them. I felt if I just made support threads for every Weekly Sun issue I’ve edited that players would get frustrated with my redundancy. However, this is what Dragon Punch wants us to do. Therefore! Let’s band together to make the game into something we can enjoy! FOR NARNIAAAAAAA!!!

Beacon For Teams

Beacon for Teams

  • JesusIsKing - Platinum 3

JesusIsKing! A platinum 3 ATLAS team looking for members to join them as they advance forward!

  • TakersGates - Platinum 3

TakersGates is looking for members too!
With a minimum level of 70, they’re willing to work with you to grow! They are currently at p3. They have atlas and 5 castles. Wars and quests are mandatory. A family who’s looking for more members as some are retiring due to real life events. “We Contribute as a family and love fun!! Apply even if we are full.”

  • BendTh3Knee - Sapphire 3

BendTh3Knee is S3 team looking for players level 300+ active both in core game and atlas. Apply even if full.

Logo Credit: Scarlett


all these alliances that claim they are “above politics”, and then teams leave them and create new alliances “that are tired of politics”… seems like a cycle of segmentation is upon us


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