The Wild Card, an idea to optimize WARRING

There have been several threads recently about optimizing the warring process, none of which I could fully embrace. So instead of superimposing this idea on that one, I’m presenting it in a new thread. May the powers that be preserve me from threats of spam, evil tongues, personal insults and petty negative spirits in the presenting of this idea.
The Wild Card, or we could call it a joker, would be a ‘card’ that is awarded as a prize either during an event, a quest, or possibly even could drop from a gold or bronze chest. The Wild Card allows one player, designated by the team leader, to attack twice during a war. It is saved for those emergency times when either a player drops out of the team after a war is declared, or those last minutes of war, when the team sees that a member isn’t attacking.
It is meant to be rare and will give teams the opportunity to flexibly engage in war. It will also reduce multiple attacks and multiple point loss for teams which cannot fill their roster to 50/50 and would like to avoid being declared on 7 times a day until they fill their roster again. The idea is, as always, flexibly open to optimization and tweeking. If you feel inspired to add something, please do. If you don’t like the idea, please feel free to just say that without contributing any modifications. If you feel inspired to say that either the idea is bad, stupid, dumb, unworkable, idiotic or any other such negative attribute, please consider keeping that to yourself and just saying you don’t like the idea. The choice is yours, of course. You’d be doing me, the community and the process a big favor, however, if you keep your negative expressive needs to yourself. Thanks in advance!

What happens if everyone participates and you use a wild card? 255 flames!?

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How is this idea any different to this one?

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The wild card can only be used at either 49/50 or within the last 5 minutes, if a player doesn’t or can’t do his attack. 250 would be the limit, of course, that’s programmed in.

Again do I miss something? You renamed the free pass to “wild card”.


I don’t know about this one. If a team is going up against a stronger team this could be utilized to clearing out another high levels

The “Wild Card” drops from chests or is awarded in events. Something special. Something rare. Something not every has. Free pass, if I’ve understood it right, is similar, but is granted to everyone, which indeed would threaten to unbalance the game.
The thinking is along the same lines. Let’s keep it up…Warring can definitely be made more sportsmanlike!

Did I miss something_ Is this an original idea competition? Can’t ideas be modified and brought forward in a new thread? Does this go against some basic tenet of the forum? Does this insult your sensibilities? Main thing is, we put forward ideas that benefit players and the game itself. The semantics are secondary, in my opinion.

Nah but don’t sell it as a new idea lmao. Duh :man_facepalming:t2:

Plus “make it special” what does that mean? Everyone on the team is opening gold chests someone will have this card so it’s not really “hard to obtain”.

In case you make it available in events then you make it available for spenders.

Not sure if that would solve the inherent problem but go on.

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No, sorry. I’m against anyone being “designated” in any way to be able to make multiple war attacks.

It is too open to abuse, aka Mercs.

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i See where you are coming from but if the highest level on your team gets a bunch from opening chests then a. If everyone always participates then someone might not be able to do there attack and be kicked accidentally. b. It would be way to easy to farm high levels. And c. You could get a thousand of them from gold chests.

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Yeah and another currency that would dilute gold chest content.



I’m afraid it wont be rare at top teams. It’s meant to be rare, but as long it has a drop rate, you can safely assume them to have a thousand of it in a week


Not really a fan, sorry.

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You included, right? :wink:

War definitely needs to be revamped to make the playing field even. I don’t think an extra attack by someone helps. Teams need 50 people to actually participate. If wars are going to tie at 250 then why not change to a format of total dragons used for the tie breaker to have teams actually try to solo bases. One person backing the other 49 with max Neptus gives a total of 99 dragons used. Have the defenses count as a bonus point or two at most. ie. Two teams war with close rating points would be +/- 16 rating for the win/loss. Tied at 250 the winner is decided by fewest dragons used and then the team with greatest defenses gets +1 or +2 to the rating. Making the overall rating +18 possible for the winner and -14 possible for the loser.

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