The wind invocer needs a buff before release - jjin

Pls correct me if I am ring and I wish for no rude behaviour but this is what I see so far


  1. His breath damage is basically death gaze
  2. If the island has no blue mage u can possible blink all the towers


  1. No healing
  2. No whay to suvive a kill island
  3. Rage block will kill him
  4. Can’t get back the ammo he 5. needs instantly (like nebbys white ) to use both yellow spells
  5. His white spell has no use because it’s a set up dragon but has no way to protect its self
  6. How dose he block a blue mage mage shot ?

He is literally the worst dragon ever :sob::cry:
Wind invocer

INVOKE: BETRAYAL - Passive | Yellow |
Heavily damages towers in the target area.

BEGUILE - Active | White | 1 Rage
Disables all towers in target area until they take damage. Towers cannot attack or use supershots while disabled.

FROM THE SHADOWS - Active | Blue | 2 Rage
Dragon cloaks and flies slower. Attacking or casting spells won’t break the cloak.

DUPLICITY - Passive | Yellow

Passive: Dragon has increased breath damage and rage generation.

Pg pls make his blue spell white

And what’s the cooldown ?

Meh, it’s a legendary that isnt discounted. Only reason to get it would be if it has a lot of timers again or if you desperately need invoke runes


At least we get a rip-off Morak with a potential bad… portrait

So the dragon who’s spells we have limited info of, hasn’t been released yet, and still has a lot of time to change needs a buff?

Man I love the forums


This dragons reminds me a lot of Rashka. People said Rashka would be absolute trash but if you have a tiny bit of skill he can be a very effective dragon. I know the fundamental difference between a Hunter and an Invoker is the ammo, but I think we should give this dragon a fair shot before throwing him directly into the ‘worst dragon ever’ category.



Actually yeh rushka is a bit the same :sweat_smile: didn’t think of that and rushka is my favourite dragon
Thanks so much for that I did think of it like that but still mage islands will be a pretty big problem

Not every dragon needs a healing spell. There have been numerous good-to-overpowered dragons released in the past that have proven that a dragon does not need to have a healing spell to get through bases.

He has a cloak in which you are still able to attack and cast spells. You simply cast the cloak and shoot your second set of ammo once it finishes replenishing.

Blinking blue mage shots with a blue cloak, be it the original or a different variant of it, is absolutely feasible. Hauheset, for instance, could (and still can) blink blue mages. This is not an impossible task.

I seriously don’t know about this.

By changing the cloak to a white spell, the dragon would be totally invulnerable. This would classify it as a “broken” dragon, and we seriously don’t need any more of those. His blue cloak, as previously mentioned, is entirely useful.


Ok. For what we see now and for the assumptions below:

  1. Invoke: Betrayal is small and can only target max three towers
  2. Beguile has the same size as sand and has no cooldown.
  3. From The Shadows slows the dragon to 25% speed, lasts for an amount of time that allows the dragon to replenish their ammo at least once and has a short cooldown.

I have made an attack pattern:

  1. Kill the blue mage and cloak, probably on the turn though with some setups could be done in front of the island.
  2. While in cloak sand as many towers as possible, preferably other Blue Mages, Ice flaks, Shield towers, Howis and Orrerys. When your ammo regens use it to kill any of the tagerts previously stated that you haven’t sanded.
  3. When coming out of the cloak, you have hopefully sanded the entire base or have left towers that don’t do much like red mages.
  4. Slowly fly over the base, using the invoke shot to one shot towers.

This attack pattern could be used for bases a substantial amount higher than you, but if you cannot destroy the blue mage with the invoke shot i think this dragon would struggle.

Welcome to the forums filled with lunacy and a lose of brain cells the hazard of our brains basically. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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But what if its blue cloak is same as Rashka’s cloak… Now Rashka can’t blink, can he?

It is really too early for us to be having this detailed of a discussion. Due to the lack of available detail, all of this is nothing more than speculation.

The description suggests that From The Shadows is a cloak variant. There is considerable variation in spells within this family; some allow attacking and spell casts while cloaking, some allow one or the other, and some can or cannot “blink”.

We really would be best served waiting for the full details else be at risk of judging the dragon on pretences.


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What are good dragons without healing? Warriors that have high defense? I haven’t been playing a real long time but the invokers I have flown don’t take hits all that well.

Not every dragon needs a healing spell. There have been numerous good-to-overpowered dragons released in the past that have proven that a dragon does not need to have a healing spell to get through bases.

However those drag like morak for example has a lot of way to dodge damage


That’s what I am trying to say this dragon has no way to doge damage if there is a blue mage he will die very quickly and has no rage spell so when he is rage blocked he has nothing to do

The dragon seems to be more designed as a setup dragon rather than so much of all in one kill dragon. It has no way to heal damage it takes relying solely on its cloak to dodge. Essentially this dragon feels like it should’ve been from the same Era as necryx and others like it when the idea was to fly more than one dragon at a time. The current meta is no longer like that. It seems like and interesting dragon due to is an invoker with a neat cloak. As it looks now and the info given its not a dragon to waste sigils on.

Yeah, the dragon looks cool, i like how it looks and flies in game but currently jjin cannot attack a defended base.

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Which is blue so he can’t dodge a kill island or a mage drain island

100 percent no way