The Woodlands, TX - The Dragon Concert

If you’re in the area of North Houston come join in.

September 21st starts at 4:30 out behind Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion we will chat, hang out, and maybe eat some food. After meeting each other stick around and listen to the concert. :metal:

:boom: Bam!


Awesome man. I assume you are referring to the park behind the pavilion correct?

Correct, figured we could meet a little easier across the waterway at Riva Row considering Town Green would have lots of people waiting for the concert.

Just got the “booty” chest when I got home. Pretty awesome!!! A fair amount of prizes for those attending, but still limited and meaningful.

Edit: Third weekend from now, that’s the event after discount for new season for lots of y’all. Who else is around the Houston area?

If you do plan on coming please register at Eventbrite in the link in the first post please. It will give me a starting headcount to be prepared for.

Hi Bambam! I’m attending, might be a few minutes late due to class on Saturday mornings at UH. Anything that we should bring?

Glad to hear you’re coming. Event will start 4:30, but hopefully still be going a bit later with us just enjoying the music.

That’s in the confirmation email once you register through Eventbrite.

Device(s) you play WD on, so we can have some battles.
Chair or blanket to sit on instead of standing.

One week! Hoping to see 12+ people that have already registered.

The link to register is in the first post, see y’all there.

:boom: Bam!