The world acreage wrong?

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Platinum 1 league. All teams started with 42k acres not 21k as the event has been run before. Current rules to event also state 21.
Anyone else having this issue?
It shows 42k acres in support website. I think 21k is an error and its the same in all leagues.

Thanks luffy. Having issues loading forums and faq pages etc. so I had to turn to the forums

In the past, I think that “large kingoms” were 1.5x-2x the starting acreage, and this time it is only 1.07x the starting land.

I have no screenshots to back this up, but it is making it very competitive as teams in Platinum with 48 or more acres the points scale up very quickly and they get knocked down to 40 acres quickly. In the platinum league where my main is, first place is 1.44M acres and 22nd is 1.35M. And it shuffles constantly, there are no clear stand outs.

I am perfectly fine with this method since everyone has the same numbers, and it is making it easier to score points, but it seems to be a bit different than it was in the past.

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…I want to be in that league :rofl: get all the bonus acerage points!

It is definitely more competitive this time around. Very close points this time.
There is only 20k points separating 1st and 20th in our league and 500k 1st to 25th

No, this is not “competitive “ it is game fixing. PG is keeping all of the teams close so it encourages more ppl to spend to get that last bit to win. It will really only come down to who can get the last big super attack in before the event closes.

I don’t think acres are being updated properly. When I use supers I don’t see the corresponding increase in my teams acres or loss in the opponents. I think all runs are counting as single runs for team acres. @Arelyna @PGCrisis can you guys follow up with the engineers and check please?

Have you submitted a ticket about this? If so, can you send me the number please?

Um no - but I’m sure others have! Check out this thread - same problem all over WD

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Ticket# 1007798

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