TheDestroyers1 is recruiting

TheDestroyers1 was formed in April 2015. Through our ups and down we have stuck together as a team and family. We can proudly say we have one of the most dedicated leaders who has always worked to make the team better while fostering the comraderie that is one of the most important aspects of a cohesive team.

When real life comes knocking and it’s getting down our team we rally around our members and provide any morale support we can because we value every member of our family.

We are currently looking for dedicated members to join our team. Whether you are newer to the game or are an older player who has grown tired of a team that is just about numbers and whose members lack a connection we may be what you need to make the game about more than just grinding away. And you may be what we need to make this team even stronger.

We are currently in Sapphire 3, we have been a Sapphire I team under normal circumstances but got demolished during the build event due to a few long time, dedicated players finally making the move to diamond teams.

Over the coming weeks we will be working to adjust and strengthen ourselves to move back up to an appropriate league while doing some rebuilding.

We look forward to all applicants and wish all the best in the game.

Message SweetSue45 in game to get your application process started

Following breeding event TheDestroyers1 will be looking for 5 or more players, preferably level 200+. Currently we are in Platinum I league but should be moving back into Sapphire league soon.

We are currently part of a large Atlad alliance resulting in assistance from allies. We also have knowledgeable players to help out those who haven’t played in Atlas.

For those of you who have spent a long time in Platinum league and are ready to get access to a team in Atlas to level up riders, Primarchs and improve your dragons through riders and rider gear than we are looking for you.

All we ask is the ability to work as a team and do your best to help others and the team.

Interested in your team . What level and dragon levels are you looking for?

Thank you

Will you accept a level 25 alt with level 284 main?

Not 100% if you were looking to add both. Would directly message leader in game

Preferably level 200 plus but not set in stone since player level doesn’t truly reflect the player. If your 175+ shoot me a private message on forums with in game name and what tier dragons you have and we can discuss from there

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